CSR Social Activities

Environmental Activities

We promote environmental conservation worldwide and work together to reduce environmental loads by conducting eco-friendly development, design and production. At the same time, we create products that are both comfortable and ecologically responsible by maximising the potential of our environmental technologies in order to contribute to the realisation of a sustainable society.

  • Toyota Boshoku Earth Charter

    Based on the TOYOTA BOSHOKU Earth Charter, we will make collective efforts as a group to contribute to preserving the global environment in order to realise a sustainable society.

  • Toyota Boshoku Basic Policy of Biodiversity

    Conservation of biodiversity and sustainable use of natural resources along with climate change countermeasures (global warming prevention) are essential environmental issues that should be promoted on a global scale.

  • 2050 Environmental Vision

    We will work together with all stakeholders with the aim of creating a sustainable global environment where children can lead their lives with a smile.

  • 2025 Environmental Action Plan

    Aiming to realise the “2050 Environmental Vision,” it has developed the “2025 Environmental Action Plan” to be followed in the five years to 2025.

  • 2020 Environmental Action Plan

    The current “2020 Environmental Action Plan” has been implemented in the five years to 2020, aiming to realise the “2050 Environmental Vision.”

  • Report on Environmental Activities

    The results of environmental activities in 2020 are evaluated against targets under the 2020 Environmental Action Plan.
    We introduce Environmental topics in FY2020.

  • Environmental Information

    The Toyota Boshoku group is undertaking various environmental activities such as preventing global warming and reducing chemical substances.

  • Challenge of achieving zero CO2 emissions

    The Toyota Boshoku group takes on the challenge of 'achieving zero CO2> emissions from all of our plants by 2050'. We will strive to reduce CO2 emissions significantly through the development of innovative production engineering, the technological development of products and materials, the improvement of plants and the utilisation of renewable / next generation energy.

  • Challenge of achieving zero CO2 emissions in the product life cycle

    Instead of focusing only on the reduction of CO2 emissions during our auto parts production process, the Toyota Boshoku group takes on the challenge of 'achieving zero CO2 emissions' in all stages of the product life cycle from production to use, disposal and recycling of products.

  • Challenge of achieving zero wastewater in production processes by water recycling

    The Toyota Boshoku group recycles wastewater generated in the production process and is developing water-less processes with the aim of achieving zero wastewater. Efforts are also being made to reduce water consumption by using rainwater as part of the water supply. The Company contributes to energy conservation through cooling and circulating water purification systems using proprietary filtration technologies.

  • Challenge of minimising natural resources usage

    The Toyota Boshoku group is pushing ahead with the promotion of readily disassemblable and recyclable design, the development of technologies for material recycling and the replacement of materials with a range of plant-derived materials in an effort to help curb the depletion of fossil fuels and minerals.

  • Challenge of minimising wastes produced

    The Toyota Boshoku group verifies activities to reduce waste at each plant and deploys best practices across the organisation such as reducing the defect rate and enhancing the recycling rate for components. We are also working on design and production preparations that realise a reduction in material loss rate.

  • Challenge of planting 1.32 million trees as part of reforestation activities

    The Toyota Boshoku group is working to protect biodiversity with a focus on reforestation based on the Toyota Boshoku Basic Policy of Biodiversity. Since 2015, the Company has participated in the Green Wave Project*, an activity being implemented by the Toyota Group. The sphere of activities of the project has been expanded to include group companies, local communities and government in an effort to promote reforestation.

    * Project aimed at creating a society that is in harmony with nature that has been implemented by the Toyota group since 2015

  • Environmental Management

    The Toyota Boshoku group implements environmental management activities on an on-going basis that include convening sessions for the environmental committee in respective regions to confirm environmental initiatives, verifying cases of improvement via genchi-genbutsu (Go, see & study) and actively implementing cross-organisational deployment best practices. In addition, we are providing education to people inside and outside the organisation focused on environmental protection.

Toyota Boshoku Report

Our Annual Report and Environmental and Social Report have been combined into the Toyota Boshoku Report.

Toyota Boshoku Report 2020 (PDF:9,394KB)

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