Social Media Policy

Toyota Boshoku and its group companies (hereafter referred to as the "Company") have established the following social media policy (hereafter referred to as "the Policy") in order to further improve communication with customers who engage with the Company via social media (hereafter referred to as "users").

Purpose of social media use

The Company makes announcements and engages in communication via social media with the aim of spreading the word about our products and services to as many people as possible, as well as sharing company members' passion for these products and services

Using social media responsibly

The Company appreciates that social media sites are built on connections between individuals, and that anything it posts on social media is both publicly visible across the world, and impossible to completely remove. As such, the Company will always engage with social media using common sense, sound judgment, and appropriate behavior.

  1. We follow all national and local laws and regulations as a matter of course, as well as internal company rules such as the Work Regulations that form the basis of company members’ conduct.
  2. We listen carefully to our stakeholders’ opinions, and proactively provide information whenever it may benefit them.
  3. We take great care with both the contents and wording of everything we post, and endeavor to avoid posting content that either contains false information or invites misunderstanding.
  4. In the event of the release of mistaken information, or phrasing that invites misunderstanding, we will quickly release an apology, and correct any mistaken information.
  5. We do not make false statements, and always post information and engage with users using common sense and sound judgement.
  6. We follow all rules of third-party social media platforms, and respect the culture and established manners of each platform.
  7. We respect the rights of third parties, including intellectual property and privacy rights, and take care not to either infringe upon such rights, or engage in defamation of any kind.

Compliance and consent on social media

Responses, deletions, and blocking

  1. Interaction policies vary between social media platforms, but generally speaking we do not promise to respond to every comment received.
  2. In the event that a user posts content that engages in any of the following behaviors (or else there is a risk of such behavior) in relation to the any of the Company’s official social media accounts, the Company reserves the right to do any or all of the following, without prior or subsequent notice given: report the user to relevant bodies (including the social media platform’s operating company or investigation team), delete or request deletion of the user’s post, or block the user’s account on a temporary or permanent basis.
    • Content that fails to comply with laws and regulations, or that poses a threat to public order
    • Content that is involved in illegal activity
    • Content that shares personal information (including photographs where a person’s face is visible) without the relevant person’s permission
    • Content that engages in any of the following in relation to a specific person or organization: attacks or criticism, damage to reputation or trust, or defamation
    • Content that engages in indecent expression
    • Content that discusses issues such as race, ethnicity, gender, religion, or politics
    • Content that engages in discrimination, or encourages discrimination based on race, belief, or ideology
    • Content that engages in political, electoral, or religious activism, or other similar activity
    • Content that spreads or promotes the spread of false information, or disinformation
    • Content that could be believed to be impersonating a third party
    • Content that is malicious in nature, including content containing harmful software or programs
    • Content that infringes upon the trademarks, copyright, other intellectual property rights, image rights, privacy, or other rights of other users, third parties, or the Company
    • Content that causes inconvenience, disadvantage, or damages to other users, third parties, or the Company or its company members
    • Content that is prohibited by a social media platform’s operating company
    • Content that hinders the operation of the Company’s official social media accounts, or otherwise interferes with the Company’s social media accounts
    • Content that conflicts with this social media policy in any way, or that is not relevant to the Company’s official social media account
    • Content that is posted for financial gain
    • Content that modifies some or all parts of posts made by the Company’s official social media accounts
    • Any other content the Company deems to be inappropriate

Following, sharing, and retweeting

The Company may, as necessary, follow other accounts, “like” or share (or “retweet”) another account’s posts, or else cancel or delete such ‘likes’ or shares as it deems appropriate.


All intellectual property rights (including but not limited to copyright, design rights, patent rights, utility models, trademarks, and know-how rights) for information the Company publishes, including on its official social media accounts, belong either to the company, or the legal rights holders.

Personal Information

In the event that the Company acquires a user’s personal information, it will be managed appropriately in line with the Company’s Privacy Policy.


In the event that a user causes either tangible or intangible harm to the Company via social media, the Company may claim appropriate damages.


  1. The Company does not guarantee the accuracy or completeness of information posted to its social media accounts. Information posted on social media may be changed after being posted.
  2. The Company does not bear any responsibility for any harm that may be caused when engaging with its social media, or by an inability to make use of its social media.
  3. The Company does not bear any responsibility for any trouble or disputes that may occur between users, or between users and a third party, in relation to its social media.
  4. The Company does not provide any guarantee or authorization of the contents of information posted by users.
  5. The Company’s official announcements or statements of opinion will be released on the Company’s website, or via press releases. Information posted on the Company’s social media accounts, or the accounts of its company members, does not necessarily constitute official announcements or statements of opinion by the Company. Additionally, comments posted by users do not reflect the opinions or beliefs of the Company, its company members, or any related parties.

Policy Changes

The Company may revise the contents of policies without seeking the consent of users. In such cases, the Company will announce any new policies on its website, as well as via other methods, and said policies will come into effect upon being announced.