Basic stance

Using fair and equitable procedures, the Toyota Boshoku group purchases raw materials, parts and equipment from a large number of suppliers throughout the world based on our basic purchasing policy. We will grow with our suppliers by putting into practice the spirit of a win-win relationship while fulfilling our social responsibilities in the supply chain with the aim of enhancing corporate value.

Open, Fair and Transparent Trade and Social Responsibility in the Supply Chain

In addition to conducting purchasing activities based on a basic purchasing policy, we are working to fulfil our social responsibility throughout the supply chain.

Basic purchasing policy

  1. Open and Fair Business
  2. Mutual Development through Mutual Trust
  3. Promotion of “Green Purchasing”
  4. Promotion of Local Purchasing as a Good Corporate Citizen
  5. Law-abidingness and maintaining Confidentiality

Refer to "Basic purchasing policy"

Promoting sustainability activities

Toyota Boshoku and its suppliers adhere to the following items in basic supplier agreements: (1) Respect of human rights; (2) Prohibiting bribery; (3) Ensuring fair transactions; and (4) Removing antisocial forces.
Furthermore, we comply with the Antimonopoly Act, subcontracting laws, labor laws, environmental laws, and other related laws in each country and region, and are working to strengthen sustainability activities throughout the entire supply chain.
Every year during Corporate Ethics Month in September, we ask our suppliers to conduct self-assessments with the aim of maintaining and continuing "fair and transparent trade."
In fiscal 2023, in line with the revision of the "Toyota Boshoku Group Supplier Sustainability Guidelines" undertaken in May 2022, we also significantly revised the content of the self-assessments, and in October 2022, after holding a briefing session for suppliers, self-assessments were conducted for 337 suppliers.

Toyota Boshoku group Supplier Sustainability Guidelines

Self-assessment based on Supplier Sustainability Guidelines

Question items

❶ Compliance
❷ Respect for human rights and maintaining appropriate working conditions
❸ Efforts to conserve the environment
❹ Contribution to society through business activities
❺ Risk management
❻ Developing and deploying guidelines for your suppliers

A survey regarding supplier satisfaction

Question items

❶ Best cost
❷ Verification of required quality
❸ Establishment of deadline for submitted materials
❹ Demand for money, goods, and services
❺ Purchasing staff’s behavior for suppliers
❻ Requests for rationalization without reasonable grounds
❼ Requests for urgent response
❽ Requests for free-of-charge provision of intellectual property rights and know-how
❾ Increase in request items due to streamlined operations and reduced overtime

Building a global purchasing system

As the Toyota Boshoku group expands our business globally, we will proceed with local purchasing while considering various items such as safety, quality, and cost. At the same time, our entire group will work together with our suppliers to pursue optimal global procurement.
Every year, we hold a Global Annual Supplier Meeting to convey the President’s message and our procurement policy, and to communicate with our suppliers. We also present awards to suppliers who have made significant contributions in terms of R&D, quality, cost, and delivery.
Representatives of commended companies and Sunshine, a supplier group member of Toyota Boshoku, were invited to the 2023 Global Annual Supplier Meeting where we resumed face-to-face meetings to strengthen relationships, which had previously been difficult to implement due to the coronavirus pandemic.
We also live-streamed the meeting to strengthen relationships with suppliers who were unable to attend, just as we would have done in person.
The President’s message, purchasing policy, and other information provided during the Global Annual Supplier Meeting was streamed in Japanese, English, and Chinese.

Held a management seminar run by Sunshine

At a management seminar run by Sunshine (a supplier group member of Toyota Boshoku), we explained our efforts to achieve the Toyota Boshoku group’s Sustainability Policy and Environmental Vision as part of Toyota Boshoku’s ESG initiatives, and discussed this with suppliers.

Expansion of global Supplier Parts Tracking Team (SPTT) activities*

The Toyota Boshoku group is promoting global SPTT activities to assure the quality of its products by helping suppliers in other regions enhance their production processes, from beginning with the production preparation stage to getting their businesses on track after the launch of new products. Such actions help create face-to-face ties between suppliers and various divisions, including purchasing, design engineering and quality control, as well as enable problem solving and mutual benefits from different perspectives, notably for such issues as quality, amount, cost, distribution and timely delivery. Additionally, we maintain an SPTT manual for practical global use, and are continuing to standardize our SPTT activities.
We will continue improving SPTT activities and rolling them out globally in order to provide customers with best quality products.

  • Supplier Parts Tracking Team activities: Follow-up activities by the team for subcontracted parts production and manufacturing preparation

Toyota Boshoku Group’s Purchasing Information by Each Region


The Americas

Asia & Oceania



Promotion of green purchasing

The Toyota Boshoku group is strengthening our response to legal compliance related to various environmental regulations in respective countries and regions based on our Green Purchasing Guidelines, and working actively to reduce environmental burden. We also require our suppliers to establish environmental management systems (EMS) based on the acquisition of ISO certification aimed at creating a sustainable society.

Green Purchasing Guidelines

Hosting of Decarbonization School by Sunshine

We are committed to supporting our suppliers' carbon neutrality initiatives and hold the "Sunshine Decarbonization School," which is organized by Sunshine, a supplier group member of Toyota Boshoku. Outside consultants and representatives from the Carbon Neutral Environmental Center act as lecturers at the School, teaching energy-saving techniques and how to develop CO2 reduction plans. In addition to assisting member companies in setting goals and creating plans, this also supports the development of human resources who can work toward carbon neutrality over the long term.
We will continue to work closely with our suppliers to promote carbon neutral initiatives that are integrated with the supply chain.

Photo:Participants of the Sunshine Decarbonization School
Participants of the Sunshine Decarbonization School