Corporate Information

Basic Procurement Policy

Basic Procurement Policy

1.Open and Fair Transactions

We provide all companies with an opportunity to participate in conducting transactions in an open, equitable, and impartial manner, regardless of whether the party is Japanese or foreign. Supplier selection is based on fair comparisons and an overall consideration of reliability, product quality, technical capabilities, costs, assurance of delivery schedules, and numerous other aspects.

2.Mutual Development through Mutual Trust

Our approach is to strive for mutual development with our suppliers through our business transactions. We think it is important to build good, long-term relationships consider reliable, long-term relationships through close communications with our suppliers.

3.Promotion of "Green Purchasing"

So that we may pass along a rich, abundant environment to succeeding generations, Toyota Boshoku intends to make purchasing of environmentally sound products a priority issue as part of an overall stance that requires us to make efforts to procure safe parts and materials. We are taking steps to promote green purchasing to help create a recycling-based society.

4.Promotion of Local Purchasing as a Good Corporate Citizen

Aware of the company's role as a member of the local community, Toyota Boshoku aims to develop and contribute to society as a good corporate citizen. In our expansion overseas, we shall act as a local enterprise in promoting purchasing from other companies in the immediate area so as to contribute to the local community.

5.'Law-abidingness' and maintaining 'Confidentiality'

We shall adhere to all laws and social norms that bear on our purchasing activities. We shall exercise all due care in handling of confidential information obtained through mutual purchasing activities.

Toyota Boshoku Supplier CSR Guidelines

Toyota Boshoku will promote corporate growth while fulfilling the following responsibilities as a good corporate citizen.
We contribute to society by developing leading -edge technologies and manufacturing high -quality products.

1.Shareing Management posture

We would like to carry out the following philosophy together with our suppliers.

  • Creation of Work Environment based on Respect for our Employees

    Organize the environment to foster trust between works and management and develop a work climate to promote human development.
  • Monozukuri based on Genchi-Genbutsu

    Genchi-Genbutsu-focusing all corporate activity on the actual needs in the marketplace and on conditions in the workplace.
    We practice Genchi-Genbutsu, go to the source to find the facts to make correct decisions, build consensus, and achieve goals at our best speed.
  • Relentless Kaizen Efforts

    We improve our business operations continuously, always driving for innovation and evolution.
  • Two-way Communication

    As member of Toyota Boshoku Group, we must maintain close communication, exchanging ideas frankly and coming to terms with each other on all matters of importance.

2.Expectations of Suppliers for providing"Products and services"

We expect suppliers to provide the best possible products at the lowest possible cost. This must also consider providing in the most timely manner on a stable and long-term basis.
Suppliers need to undertake product development and deploy manufacturing processes that address the customer's needs and wants of today and tomorrow.

  • Safety

    Manufacturing is carried out by people, so it is most important to secure a safe environment for people to carry out manufacturing without worry. In a safe working environment, work livery and can concentrate their efforts on manufacturing, and make products of good quality.
  • Quality

    It is said that enterprises never grow up without the improvement of the quality. At the quality of beginning phase, we expect suppliers to substantialize Jikoutei Kanketsu, which it can't make or pass defective item to next process.
    Also, problem in processes should be easy to find and countermeasure against the problem should be taken speedy.
  • Delivery and Production

    We, Toyota Boshoku maximize efficiency through lean manufacturing, producing only what is needed, only when it is needed, and only the amount that is needed. We expect suppliers to contribute to this lean efficiency through flexible, error-free execution in preparation for mass production, and in delivery.
  • Cost

    We expect suppliers to offer the most competitive cost in the world. Suppliers need to develop new technologies and innovative production technologies to support their continuing cost reduction.
  • Technological Capabilities

    Customer and social expectations are mounting in three main areas; technologies for environmental protection, safety, and comfort.
    Our suppliers need to grasp these expectations and to address them a step ahead of their competition through innovative products and technologies.
    Our suppliers also need to broaden the marketability of their products through dramatic cost reduction.

3.Expectations of Suppliers in the Process of Developing "Products and Services"

We expect suppliers to comply with the following items to undertake CSR activities. We also expect suppliers to deepen and expand CSR initiatives with their own suppliers by deploying individual CSR policies and guidelines incorporating.

  • 1.Legal Compliance

    < Compliance with laws >
    • Comply with the law related to undertaking activities, government and municipal offices guideline and social norms.
    • Establish policies, structure and mechanisms for ensuring and verifying legal compliance including a code of conduct and training. And regularly check its effectiveness.
    < Management of Confidential Information >
    • Handle the confidential information with adequate care, and establish the structure to manage the confidential information.
    • Use confidentional information concerning other companies only within the scope allowed with adequate care as ours.
    • Obtain personal information only by legitimate means and manage such information in a secure manner, and use the information only within the scope allowed.
    < Respect of Intellectual Property >
    • In the development of new technologies and products, we shall conduct adequate searches to ensure no infringement upon other's patent rights and utility model rights.
    • Pay heed not to use and copy other's designs, trademarks, copyrights (including software copyright), or other rights without permission.
    < Free Competition and Fair Trade >
    • Strive to do free competition with competing companies and do not engage act of disturbing free competition including private monopolies, unreasonable restraint of trade cartel, collusive bidding.
    • Adopt a fair and equitable stance in our business dealings with suppliers and do not make unfair demands.
    < Security Export Control >
    • Before exporting any products and the technology, we understand and comply with the law about export control.
    < Transparency in establishing relationship with political parties and public agencies >
    • Commit to fairness and transparency in establishing relationship with political parties and public agencies and not provide politicians or candidates any political contribution or donation that violats the law.
  • 2.Protection of human rights / Maintenance of working condition

    < Preserving good human relationships >
    • Not to discriminate against the people based on ethnicity, religion, nationality, creed, gender, age, physical disability, illness, or other such reasons.
    < Proper Management of Working Hours >
    • Comply with labor law and regulations, we shall manage employee's working hours appropriately.
    < Safe and Healthy Workplace >
    • Create a workplace environment in which all employees can work cheerfully.
  • 3.Contribution to society through business activities

    < Consideration of the environment >
    • Promote the manufacturing environment-friendly products as reduce amounts of environmentally hazardous substances, utilize recyclable materials.
    • In all aspects of our business activities, we shall comply with all regal regulations about environments and endeavor to conserve energy, reduce waste, and otherwise follow environment-friendly business practices.
    < Contribution to society >
    • Work to promote social contribution activities that can aid in society's development, we and our employee shall proactively participate communal activities to be a corporate citizen thant enjoys the trust of society.
    < Disclosing the information in a timely and appropriate manner >
    • Endeavor on our public affairs activities to advance good communication among local community, disclosing the information required by stakeholder in a timely and appropriate manner.
  • 4.Deploying Policies and Guidelines for Client Companies

    Strive to deepen CSR initiatives with Client Companies by deploying individual CSR policies and guidelines.