Basic Purchasing Policy

Basic Purchasing Policy

1.Open and Fair Transactions

We provide all suppliers with an opportunity to participate in conducting transactions in an open, equitable, and impartial manner, regardless of whether the party is Japanese or foreign. Supplier selection is based on fair comparisons and an overall consideration of reliability, product quality, technical capabilities, costs, assurance of delivery schedules, and numerous them.

2.Mutual Development through Mutual Trust

Our approach is to strive for mutual development with our suppliers through our business transactions. We think it is important to build good, long-term relationships consider reliable, long-term relationships through close communications with our suppliers.

3.Promotion of "Green Purchasing"

So that we may pass along a rich, abundant environment to succeeding generations, Toyota Boshoku intends to make purchasing of environmentally sound products a priority issue as part of an overall stance that requires us to make efforts to procure safe parts and materials. We are taking steps to promote green purchasing to help create a recycling-based society.

4.Promotion of Local Purchasing as a Good Corporate Citizen

Aware of the company's role as a member of the local community, Toyota Boshoku aims to develop and contribute to society as a good corporate citizen. In our expansion overseas, we shall act as a local enterprise in promoting purchasing from other companies in the immediate area so as to contribute to the local community.

5.'Law-abidingness' and maintaining 'Confidentiality'

We shall adhere to all laws and social norms that bear on our purchasing activities. We shall exercise all due care in handling of confidential information obtained through mutual purchasing activities.