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Front seats


We strive to increase riding comfort through ergonomic design. Our seats are made with comfort and safety in mind, even on long drives. From the Lexus LS to the Toyota Vitz, we develop optimum seats for any class of vehicle.

Executive second row seats

An extensive range of equipment features enhance passenger comfort and relaxation.

Rear Seat Relaxation System

We make you feel as relaxed as possible even in limited cabin space by using ergonomic design that includes a massage function and ottoman.

Refreshing system

Seat includes eight palm-sized airbags in addition to a vibrator equipped within the seat back.

Reclining system

Features an increased range of the seat’s coupled reclining and sliding movements with independent reclining of the seat back.

Seat back contour system

Seat back construction features two adjustable panels.


Aesthetic design seamlessly incorporates the ottoman with the seat, while its slim shape enables the ottoman to be completely stowed underneath the seat cushion when not in use.

Washable cover seats

Newly-developed automobile seat cover which can be removed for washing. keep your car interior clean and stylish.

Sports seats

Carbon-fibre-reinforced polymer (CFRP) is used to maximise strength and rigidity fiber orientation and also helps realise the utmost in weight saving. These sport seats have received an international seal of approval having cleared FIA* safety standards

*Federation Internationale de Automobile

Functional parts for seats

Seat frame

This seat frame was jointly developed by Toyota Motor Corporation, Aisin Seiki Co., Ltd., and Shiroki Corporation.
Development sought to realize improved riding comfort and reduced weight. Also provides safety performance via a frame structure which reduces whiplash at the time of impact.

Round recliners

These precision parts make up the reclining feature of the seat. Unique pressing and processing technology is used to realise world-class productivity and yield rate.