Respect of Human Rights

Human Rights Policy

Toyota Boshoku Group Human Rights Policy was formulated with the approval of the Board of Directors in November 2021.
In accordance with the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and other international norms, and with the United Nations Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights serving as an implementation framework, we will promotes activities to respect human rights.
We expect that this policy not only applies to officers and employees, but also expect that all stakeholders, including suppliers involved to the Toyota Boshoku group's products and services, to understand and uphold this policy.
We will emphasize the following matters as priority themes in human rights compliance.
●Diversity ● Discrimination and Harassment ● Forced Labor and Child Labor ● Occupational Health and Safety

Using this as a guideline, we will promote efforts to respect human rights and report on the progress and results.

Toyota Boshoku Group Human Rights Policy

Basic stance

Respect for humanity

The Toyota Boshoku group strives to ensure that the individuality and humanity of our members is respected in accordance with our corporate philosophy to be shared by each member and the TB Way, which express our values and behavioral principles. We prohibit discrimination, defamation or other such improper conduct based on race, gender, age, nationality, religion, disability, sickness or injury. At the same time, we strictly respect the laws and social regulations of other countries and regions, as well as forbid the use of child or forced labor.

Promotion structure

A Human Rights Working Group is in operation, with the Segment Chief of the Corporate & Profit Management Segment as the leader, and the Field Chief of the Procurement Field as the deputy leader. The Global Management Strategy Division serves as the secretariat, and members are elected from the Vibrant Global HR Development Division, Global Purchasing Promotion Division, General Administration Division, and Legal Division. The Human Rights Working Group identifies human rights risks and organizes the Toyota Boshoku group’s approach to human rights and initiatives. The results are discussed at the CSV Promotion Meeting and reported to and deliberated by the Board of Directors.

Initiatives to raise company members’ awareness

We promote education and training activities to raise company members’ awareness of human rights and to create a corporate culture of respect for human rights.

Internal training

We provide training on human rights to promoted and new company members based on our Corporate Philosophy, the TB Way and the Code of Conduct for company members.

Human rights workshop

In July 2021, an attorney was invited to give a lecture entitled, "Understanding and Implementing Business and Human Rights: Realizing Stakeholder Engagement and Value Creation" to directors, general managers and above, including those from sites outside Japan, as well as presidents of subsidiaries. The attendees learned about the importance of addressing human rights in business and especially in the supply chain.

Photo:Although it was held remotely, there was a lively Q&A session and the participants deepened their understanding.
Although it was held remotely, there was a lively Q&A session and the participants deepened their understanding.

Consultation and reporting desk

We have set up the Anything Goes Counselling Window as an internal consultation and reporting desk, which is also available to group companies in Japan, and a consultation and reporting desk at a law office. This creates an environment in which it is easy to for whistleblowers to consult on issues. We have also established contact points in regions outside Japan, and therefore have a global system in place.

Dealing with harassment

We have included items on harassment in our ethics survey (company members awareness survey) to help understand the current situation and resolve issues. In addition, meetings called "MEET" are held three times a year in each workplace to disseminate company policies, as well as to prevent harassment and promote the use of consultation services.

Initiatives for respect of human rights in the supply chain

The Toyota Boshoku group has established Supplier CSR Guidelines and is promoting initiatives to ensure respect for human rights throughout the supply chain.

Prohibition of child and forced labor

In our basic trade agreements and Supplier CSR Guidelines, we request our suppliers to respect human rights. In addition, we ask suppliers to complete a CSR self-assessment every year to check that child or forced labor is not being permitted or carried out.