Basic stance

The Toyota Boshoku group states in its corporate philosophy that the Company will promote corporate growth while fulfilling our responsibilities as a good corporate citizen. At the same time, the Company clarifies the nature and details of its compliance, its overall promotion system, as well as the scope and goals of activities on a global basis, and conducts activities under strong leadership from top management, while personnel in charge of legal affairs in each region share knowledge of issues as well as improve and strengthen compliance activities.

Strengthening compliance and initiatives for human rights

In addition to anti-bribery measures, and adherence to antitrust laws, the importance of respect for human rights is steadily increasing. The Toyota Boshoku group works to raise members’ awareness of compliance and human rights and enhance the level of implementation through various training and educational activities for officers and company members. In doing this, we strive to achieve compliance with laws and regulations as well as co-existence with local communities through respect for various cultures, values and individuality. We have a global legal risk management system and continuously take steps to increase awareness of our whistle-blowing system while promoting continuous improvements to this system.
We have established “Anything Goes Counseling Window” as an internal window for discussing and reporting workplace problems, legal violations, and internal misconduct. Additionally, we have contracted with a law office as an external window for consultation and reporting (“Compliance Consultation Window”).Those windows can be used by all group companies in Japan. In terms of our overseas initiatives, we have set up, and are making use of similar windows for countries outside Japan, including both within individual group companies and on a regional level. We are creating an environment in which it is easy to consult without harming the interests of the whistleblowers. In fiscal 2022, the Company and its affiliates in Japan received a total of 203 reports and consultations at our internal and external contact points, mainly on labor-related matters, harassment, and workplace issues. These were investigated to find the facts, and then dealt with appropriately based upon the facts verified. We are also complying with Japan’s revised Whistleblower Protection Act of June 2022.

Number of serious legal violations


Strengthening dissemination and practical application of the Code of Conduct

The Toyota Boshoku Group Code of Conduct—the basis of compliance—is distributed to all company members, and they are asked to make sure compliance during education and training, including training received upon joining the company, promotion, and overseas transfers. Additionally, we are spreading the Toyota Boshoku Group Code of Conduct globally via translation into foreign languages, including English and Mandarin. We strive to strengthen dissemination and practical application of the Code of Conduct at each and every workplace. We also seek to raise compliance awareness by providing training via e-learning on the topics of compliance, the Code of Conduct and the whistle-blowing system, as well as by undertaking various activities at companies throughout the global Toyota Boshoku group during Corporate Ethics Month.

Compliance with Competition laws

Toyota Boshoku established the Company Policy on Competition Law, in which we clearly declared that the Company will not tolerate any behavior violating Competition laws and company members will not commit any violations, with this declaration being shared globally.

Toyota Boshoku prepared a compliance manual and conducts training globally that includes training for executive officers and relevant departments while related internal rules have also been created at each site. The Company is therefore deepening understanding of its stance toward Competition laws, which includes verifying operating conditions, and of cautionary points in conducting business operations. In addition, the Antitrust Law Compliance Rules were established mainly to regulate information exchange with competitors and this forms part of a structure to prevent infringements.

Comprehensive efforts toward anti-bribery

The Toyota Boshoku group has prepared the Anti-bribery Guideline, thereby making efforts to increase understanding of regulations in respective countries related to preventing corruption such as bribery and establishing a framework for compliance. The compliance status of the guideline is inspected globally on a regular basis and the guidelines and its implementation are continuously improved, if necessary.

Compliance with export control

The Toyota Boshoku group promotes activities in compliance with the Security Export Compliance Program (Export CP) in order to appropriately implement security export control aimed at maintaining international peace and security. This includes making decisions on whether or not products and machinery equipment exported overseas, and engineering information such as technical drawings and production technology supplied outside Japan, comply with laws and regulations related to security export control.

Education and awareness raising

Toyota Boshoku conducts live training on compliance for new and promoted company members. In addition to educating relevant departments on compliance in important areas such as the Anti-Monopoly Act and anti-bribery, we are also working to provide e-Learning so that all company members can acquire the necessary compliance knowledge.
Personnel in charge of legal affairs from the Legal Division at Toyota Boshoku and RM&CH conduct workshops relating to important laws in consideration of the conditions of each country and each region.

Activities in Corporate Ethics Month

Every year, we have Toyota Boshoku group Corporate Ethics Month on a global basis with participation by all members. During this month, efforts are made to enhance ethics mind through various activities such as confirming our corporate philosophy and guiding principles and reviewing members’ behavior internally and externally.

Photo:A workplace discussion at Toyota Boshoku Haiphong, Vietnam
A workplace discussion at Toyota Boshoku Haiphong, Vietnam

Establishing and operating a consultation and whistleblowing system

The Anything Goes Counselling Window has been set up internally as well as a reporting contact at a designated law firm externally to establish an environment in which members from group companies in Japan can easily seek advice without fear of reprisal. Members can seek consultation or report issues concerning such matters as workplace problems, legal violations and internal misconduct. Initiatives are also being pursued to establish a whistle-blowing system in regions outside Japan in order to develop a global system.
Throughout fiscal 2022 we received, investigated, and took appropriate action concerning 203 reports and counseling requests (mostly concerning labor issues, harassment, and workplace troubles) from both within Toyota Boshoku and from connected domestic group companies. Additionally, we are ensuring compliance with the June 2022 amendment to the Whistleblower Protection Act.

Number of consultations from Toyota Boshoku and domestic subsidiaries

Fiscal year 2018 2019 2020 2021 2022
Anything Goes Counselling Window *1 (cases) 134 152 107 163 190
Compliance Consultation Window *2 (cases) 9 8 12 9 13

  • Internal consultation and reporting desk for compliance and individual concerns, such as those related to work, human relations, and family, etc.
  • External consultation and reporting desk for issues such as compliance, violations of laws, regulations and company rules, and unfair practices

Structure of the Anything Goes Counselling Window and the Compliance Consulting Contact Window

Graph:Structure of the Anything Goes Counselling Window and the Compliance Consulting Contact Window