Company Sports Activities

Long Distance Team

The Toyota Boshoku Long Distance Team has set itself the goal of being Japan's top Ekiden (long-distance relay race) team, and aims to be a team that is supported by company members, the local community and many other people. We will continue to grow in a spirit of friendly competition and challenge ourselves to attain the goals we have set. The Toyota Boshoku Long Distance Team hopes to receive your warm support.Long Distance Team (Japanese-language only)

Women's Basketball Team "Toyota Boshoku Sunshine Rabbits"

The Toyota Boshoku Sunshine Rabbits will fight through the regular season with improved physical and technical strength, mental toughness and the persistence to never give up.
As challengers, we intend to stay focused on winning, combining the independence of each player with the unity of the team. We hope to receive the continued warm support and encouragement of everyone at the company and all our fans.Women's Basketball Team (Japanese-language only)

Rowing Team

The Toyota Boshoku Boat Team aims to become a team that is loved by company members, the local community and society with the goals of winning the All Japan Rowing Championships Eight and producing national team members.
In the All Japan Rowing Championships, we have competed in the Eight category since 2008, and have been prize-winners for eight consecutive years. In 2015, three of our athletes represented Japan at the Asian Rowing Championships. We will continue to train hard every day and row our way to glory, aiming to become the best team in Japan. Please give us your support!Rowing Team (Japanese-language only)

Toyota Boshoku Kyushu Handball Team "Red Tornado"

The Red Tornado team, a member of the Japan Handball League, values the process of reaching the top level in handball and is committed to developing passionate individuals who can take responsibility for their actions.
We are a team that is still in the process of growing, but our ultimate goal is to be the best in Japan at the four major tournaments. We aim to be a team that is loved by the community, giving dreams and excitement to local people through our games.
Please give your support to the Red Tornado team. We never give up until we have achieved victory!Handball Team (Japanese-language only)