Company Sports Activities

Long Distance Team

The Toyota Boshoku Long Distance Team has set itself the goal of being Japan's top Ekiden (long-distance relay race) team, and aims to be a team that is supported by company members, the local community and many other people. We will continue to grow in a spirit of friendly competition and challenge ourselves to attain the goals we have set. The Toyota Boshoku Long Distance Team hopes to receive your warm support.Long Distance Team (Japanese-language only)

Women's Basketball Team "Toyota Boshoku Sunshine Rabbits"

The Toyota Boshoku Sunshine Rabbits will fight through the regular season with improved physical and technical strength, mental toughness and the persistence to never give up.
As challengers, we intend to stay focused on winning, combining the independence of each player with the unity of the team. We hope to receive the continued warm support and encouragement of everyone at the company and all our fans.Women's Basketball Team (Japanese-language only)

Rowing Team

The Toyota Boshoku Rowing Team aims to become a team loved by company members, local communities and the society, with the goals of winning All Japan Rowing Championships of Men’s Eight and continuously developing Japan representatives.
In the All Japan Rowing Championships, we have competed in the Eight category since 2008, and got the first victory in 2023. Furthermore, in the 2023 season, four of our athletes will participate at the world stage representing Japan.
Aiming to become the best team in Japan we will continue to train hard every day and row our way to the glory. Please give us your support!Rowing Team (Japanese-language only)

Toyota Boshoku Kyushu Handball Team "Red Tornado SAGA"

Toyota Boshoku Kyushu Handball Team Red Tornado SAGAwas made as a team in response to voices of people concerned with local handball and continues a handball activity while receiving the support of many various places.
In order not to forget the environment at the time of launch, we have established a “Team Philosophy” and we continue to work while being aware that each player is a person who supports “the company” and “the region”. From now on, we regard people who support the team, such as the fans who support us further, the sponsors who support us, the handball association who support the operation, and the Kanzaki-City officials as the team's nickname, “Red Tornado”.
With this power, we aim to become "the strongest team in Japan“ and "the most loved team in Japan" through severe training.Handball Team (Japanese-language only)