Development Equipment and Facilities

By repeating a cycle of performing simulation tests, using the resulting data to produce prototypes, performing evaluations of said prototypes and drawing up the next set of plans, we are constantly working to improve performance and functionality.

Impact Sled Testing Machine

Evaluates how a seat reacts and deforms, and uses crash test dummies to determine the kinds of injuries a person may sustain in a car crash.

Anechoic Chamber

Electromagnetic Anechoic Chamber

Evaluate the electromagnetic characteristics of seats and interior components using various electromagnetic environments.

Robot Ingress/Egress Durability Testing Machine

Evaluates the durability of seats by using a robot to reproduce the movement, pressure, and friction of passengers getting into and out of the vehicle.

Seat Belt Anchorage Testing Machine

Evaluates the strength and durability of seats in the event of vehicle collisions, using weights anchored by seat belts.

6-Axis Vibration Table

Reproduces acceleration recorded during real instances of driving to evaluate a seat’s handling and ride comfort.

CAE (Computer Aided Engineering)

Evaluates and analyzes various characteristics of seats and seat frames using computer simulations, without the need for real parts.


Vehicle Interior Noise Level Evaluation

Vehicle Interior Noise Level Evaluation

Measures the noise level in the vehicle interior during driving in order to realize a comfortable interior with reduced exterior noise, such as engine and road noise.

Products & Materials Analysis

Products & Materials Analysis

This equipment is used to analyze odors in a vehicle’s interior, simultaneously perceiving types and composition of human-perceptible odors. Analyzes products and materials on a micro-scale, and clarifies the mechanism of performance expression.

Filter & Powertrain Components Performance Evaluation

Filter & Powertrain Components Performance Evaluation

Evaluates the performance of filters and powertrain components by mounting vehicle wheels on rollers to reproduce actual driving.

Engine Bench

Engine Bench

Enables development of filter and powertrain components that combine with the engine.