Privacy Policy

Toyota Boshoku Corporation and its group companies (hereinafter referred to as the "Company") recognize the importance of proper handling and protection of personal information, which is defined as information that has been obtained in the course of legitimate business operations and can be used to identify individual customers or business partners. To this end, we have implemented specific and detailed Company policies, together with educational programs for our employees about these policies, as part of our initiatives for complying with all relevant laws and regulations.

Website Privacy Policy

Purpose of use

Personal information acquired by the Company in the course of legitimate business activities as indicated below is used for sales activities, including providing up-to-date information about both new and existing products or product exhibitions as well as negotiating product specifications and sales conditions; for customer resource management activities, including contacting customers regarding contractual and procedural matters; and for activities including R&D, manufacturing, shipping, delivery and installation, related after service, and procurement.
The Company will on occasion provide personal information to subcontractors or vendors as necessary to ensure smooth provision of contracted services. The Company also accumulates and uses personal information regarding its employees as necessary for recruitment and personnel management.

The Company will never use any personal information obtained pursuant to the above for any purpose beyond the purpose of use without obtaining prior consent from the said person. The personal information that the Company has obtained shall be used for the following purposes only:

  1. When introducing in a business activities manner any and all products, services, etc. that the Company provides
  2. When conducting a customer survey through a questionnaire for enabling the Company to plan and develop any products, and/or to study any measure to improve customer satisfaction, etc.
  3. When addressing any and all matters needed to respond to any inquiries received from any customer, to provide prompt service, etc.
  4. When publishing information and announcements, or communicating with customers via social media
  5. When required to comply with any provisions in any applicable laws and regulations or follow any governmental notification and/or guidelines, etc.
  6. For any other purposes identified when obtaining the relevant personal information

Disclosure and provision of personal information to third parties

In keeping with the importance of proper handling of personal information acquired in the course of legitimate business, the Company does not disclose or provide such personal information to any third party without the prior consent of the said person except as indicated below:

  1. In cases where required by law
  2. In cases where securing the consent of the concerned individual or individuals is difficult, but such action is necessary to ensure protection against the loss of human life, personal injury or damage to assets
  3. In cases where obtaining the consent of the concerned individual or individuals is difficult, but such action is necessary in particular to promote public safety and sanitation as well as ensure sound upbringing for children
  4. In cases where obtaining the consent of the concerned individual or individuals would constitute a hindrance in the lawful execution of the responsibilities of an agency of the national government, an agency of a municipal government or an organization contracted by such agencies to carry out such responsibilities

Management of personal information

In order to prevent the leak, falsification, loss, defamation or unauthorized use of personal information, the Company has implemented measures appropriate to ensuring the secure management of all personal information in accordance with both the Company's own internal guidelines as well as all relevant laws and regulations. The Company also conducts workshops, seminars and other educational programs to ensure that employees understand and conform to all applicable criteria in the proper handling of personal information.

Inquiries regarding the handling of personal information

In case you would like to confirm your own personal information provided, please make a request to the division or department to which you sent it or to the point of contact given separately by the Company when you provided the personal information. If the contact details are unknown to you, or you have an inquiry regarding personal information provided via the website, please use the inquiry form herein.