The identity of the Toyota Boshoku group

The Toyota Boshoku group has consistently focused on HITOZUKURI and MONOZUKURI from the customer’s perspective, based on the concept that “human resources development is at the heart of manufacturing.” In addition, taking into account the nature of our products, i.e. that people have direct physical contact with them, we will continue to provide “comfort value” through advanced R&D based on manufacturing that considers people, connects with them, and makes them feel an affection for our products.

The identity of the Toyota Boshoku group

R&DPursuing “comfort” in mobility spaces based on “safety” and “environment”

  • Product development that considers the customers who will use the products
  • Passion, sense of mission, tenacity
  • Global collaboration for better products
  • Innovation

In order to offer high-quality time and space in all forms of mobility, we take on the challenge of R&D with an insatiable curiosity and spirit of inquiry, while staying ahead of the current trends. We are committed to developing high-quality and safe products with passion, a sense of mission, and tenacity in a global collaborative system that sets high goals and achieves them.

R&D foundation
Development bases
R&D expenses
44.8billion yen
Intellectual property
Number of patents held
Japan1,760 Outside of Japan

MONOZUKURICultivated over 100 years, creating “affection” based on “trust” and “reassurance”

  • Customer First
  • Fusion of reasonable price, high-quality products with cutting-edge technology
  • Kaizen (continuous improvement)
  • Find the root cause of a problem through Genchi-Genbutsu (go, see & study)

It is important for us to always keep in mind the end user’s perspective, with an awareness of “B to B to C,” whereby we are trusted and chosen by customers. Based on the concept that people are the foundation of MONOZUKURI, we promote manufacturing with an emphasis on HITOZUKURI. We will continue to set ourselves the challenge of developing environmentally sound production and manufacturing technologies for the next 100 years through a fusion of reasonable price, high-quality products with cutting-edge technology.

Manufacturing foundation
Manufacturing entities
Capital investment
38.3billion yen
Total number of contestants in the All Toyota Boshoku Skills Competition (1st to 15th competition total*)
  • First held in Japan in fiscal 2007. Held annually on a global basis since fiscal 2011. However, due to the coronavirus pandemic, the competition was canceled in fiscal 2021, and in fiscal 2022 only one category was held online globally, while the other categories were held only in Japan.

HITOZUKURICombining and maximizing the power of 50,000 global members to support future value creation

  • Diverse values
  • Teamwork
  • Challenging spirit
  • Honest and sincere

The Toyota Boshoku group has a corporate culture that respects diversity, where we learn and grow together; and teamwork that challenges us to unite our minds with honesty and sincerity. By fostering a challenging spirit that leads to self-fulfillment and job satisfaction, we aim to realize our vision of diverse human resources being drawn by the appeal of the Toyota Boshoku group, with company members working vibrantly in all regions worldwide.

Diverse human resources globally
Number of group members*
Proportion of members working in regions outside Japan*
Collaboration with business partners
Number of companies that participated in the Annual Supplier Meeting online
  • Including temporary company members