Stakeholder Engagement

Basic stance

The Toyota Boshoku group places importance on stakeholder engagement. We listen to the opinions of our stakeholders, including customers, shareholders, investors, company members, suppliers and local communities by creating various opportunities for communication on a daily basis, and make use of this feedback in management.

Stakeholder Engagement

  Communication Tools, Etc. Communication Opportunities
  • Sales activities
  • Exhibitions
Shareholders and Investors
Company Members
  • Internal newsletters
  • Intranet
  • Labor and Management Council, Labor and Management Meeting
  • Various training programs
  • Meetings with supervisors and subordinates
  • Dialogue with management
  • Purchasing activities
  • Global Annual Supplier Meeting
  • Supplier CSR study sessions
  • Supplier Satisfaction Survey
  • CSR self-assessments
Local Communities
  • Factory tours
  • Local events
  • Community dialogue and opinion exchange meetings

Enhancement of corporate value and reinforcement of information disclosure

The Toyota Boshoku group has stated in our disclosure policy that we are committed to “disclosing information required by shareholders, investors, business partners and local communities in a timely and appropriate manner as well as to carrying out public information-sharing activities that earn the trust of society.” In this sense, we are striving to disclose information in an accurate, timely and fair manner. In order to ensure the appropriate disclosure of information, we strictly manage corporate information and are working actively on disclosure in the Information Disclosure Committee, which is comprised of members from Toyota Boshoku’s Accounting & Finance Division, Legal Division, Global Management Strategy Division and the General Administration Division.

Organization chart concerning timely disclosure of corporate information

Figure:Organization chart concerning timely disclosure of corporate information

Communication with shareholders and investors

The Toyota Boshoku group actively promotes efforts to disclose information and communicate in an appropriate and timely manner in addition to striving to enhance corporate value so as to earn the trust and support of shareholders and investors.

General Meeting of Shareholders

(1) Arranging General Meetings of Shareholders while avoiding dates on which many such shareholders’ meetings are usually held
(2) Enabling the exercise of voting rights via the Internet
(3) Enhancing the content of the convocation notice
As a result of such efforts to make it easier for people to exercise their voting rights, the rights exercise ratio has been increasing year on year.

Date June 17, 2020
No. in attendance 58
Voting participation 90.42%

Dialogue with institutional investors and analysts

We hold financial results presentations for institutional investors and analysts four times a year. In fiscal 2021, we engaged in dialogue with a total of 296 companies, including individual meetings.

Individual meetings 82 companies 100 persons
Financial results briefings, business briefings 205 companies 349 persons
Conferences with institutional investors outside Japan 9 companies 9 persons

Dialogue with individual investors

We had previously been holding company presentations for individual investors several times a year, but in fiscal 2021, in light of the coronavirus pandemic, we used video streaming provided by a securities company to introduce our business activities.

Company presentation 1 session, 2,592 persons
(Number of viewers who watched the company informational video via the securities company’s website)

Distribution of profits to shareholders

In fiscal 2021, we paid a year-end dividend of 35 yen per share, the highest ever, including a special dividend of 3 yen per share to thank our shareholders for their support even amid the challenging environment brought about by the coronavirus pandemic. This meant that for the full year, the dividend paid was 45 yen per share.
We will actively invest profit generated through our business activities into growth areas to maximize total basic earnings per share and increase shareholder value.



Dividend payout ratio*

Graph:Dividend payout ratio
  • From fiscal 2019 the Toyota Boshoku group has adopted International Financial Reporting Standards (FRS).

Communication with customers

Please see “Customer First, Quality First”.

Communication with company members

Please see “Job Satisfaction and Employment”, “Diversity and Inclusion”, “Safety and Health” and “Human Resources Development”.

Communication with suppliers

Please see “Suppliers”.

Communication with local communities

Please see “Social Contribution”.