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Filter products

Air filters

High-performance type
High-performance type

Air filters are located within the air cleaner housing to remove dirt, dust, sand and other debris carried from the air into the engine. They can be used with high-powered engines and help improve filtration performance and reduce pressure drop (reduced ventilation resistance).

Oil filters

These filters get rid of dirt from the engine oil and help maintain engine performance.

Anti-allergen and deodorising cabin air filters

These filters inhibit allergenic substances (allergens) such as pollen that induce allergy symptoms by trapping such agents.

Pollen removal cabin air filter

Succeeded in increasing electrostatic force of the filter to remove 97% of pollen that has entered from the air outside and in maintaining air conditioning performance through reduce pressure drop (maintaining airflow).

Anti-bacterial, mould resistant cabin air filter (for the aftermarket)

Realises reduce pressure drop (maintaining airflow) and deodorises and efficiently removes dust at a high level, as well as uses filtering elements (anti-bacterial, anti-mould, surface colouration) to provide added-value benefits.

Clean air filter Premium

The new functions were added with keeping conventional functions such as dedusting and deodorizing. We made efforts in developing functions, besides designing the package.

Hydrocarbon absorption filters

These filters prevent the outflow of hydrocarbons (fuel vapour) from escaping and leaking into the air intake from the engine after it has been turned off.