DX at the Toyota Boshoku group

In April 2021, we established the Chief Officer and a DX(digital transformation) promotion system has been built under the Chief Digital Officer and the DX & IT Promotion Segment to further accelerate digitization and business process transformation.

DX at the Toyota Boshoku group
  • Safety, Quality, Cost, and Delivery
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Product Lifecycle Management: Centralized management of product information throughout the entire product life cycle, from planning to development, production, sales, and disposal

Initiatives for digital transformation (DX)

(1) Digital human resource development

To ensure our future competitive advantage, the Toyota Boshoku group is committed to promoting DX for operational reform. In particular, “digital human resource development” is an indispensable initiative for company members to work together to promote DX with a sense of urgency.
We believe the following are necessary for the group’s DX promotion:

  • Promoting use of the optimal digital tools to support business process reform
  • Strengthening human resources capable of making effective use in business of the growing volumes of data
  • Acquiring knowledge for the safe use of digital tools/data

We will focus on education and other initiatives to develop human resources equipped with these capabilities.

(2) Four pillars of DX promotion

The group has defined and promotes four foundations as the scope of its DX initiatives.
a. MONOZUKURI foundation
Aiming to strengthen our MONOZUKURI competitiveness by enhancing and reforming our MONOZUKURI operations, from activities for winning orders through to development and production preparation, manufacturing preparation, production and logistics, etc.
b. Management information infrastructure
Aiming to accelerate management decision-making by enhancing the aggregation and visualization of management information
c. Information utilization foundation
Aiming to contribute to business reform and new value creation by building a foundation that enables information retained by each project and business to be utilized across the entire company
d. Digital environment foundation
Further strengthening security measures to ensure the safety of systems and data, and promoting the development of digital human resources capable of making the best possible use of digital technology and data

(3) DX certification

In May 2022, we obtained DX certified company status under the DX Certification System* established by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry of Japan.
We will continue to contribute to solving various social issues by fusing our group’s strengths with digital technology.

  • A government system for certifying companies that comply with the basic items of the Digital Governance Code and are DX strategy- and system-ready, based on the Act Concerning the Promotion of Information Processing