Challenge of achieving zero wastewater in the Toyota Boshoku group production processes by water recycling

Basic approach

The Toyota Boshoku group recycles wastewater generated in the production process and is developing water-less processes with the aim of achieving zero wastewater. Efforts are also being made to reduce water consumption by using rainwater as part of the water supply. The Company contributes to energy conservation through cooling and circulating water purification systems using proprietary filtration technologies.

Recycling of waterjet wastewater

In the carpet production process at Toyota Boshoku Shiga, we have achieved complete recycling of waterjet wastewater by constructing a new system to filter the waterjet wastewater and use it as cooling water.
About 75% of the wastewater at Toyota Boshoku Shiga came from the waterjet. Now, by minimizing the clogging of the bag filter through the use of an optimal filter that matches the size of the trim residue, turbidity standards have been met and the water can be used as cooling water. We will expand this recycling system horizontally throughout the Toyota Boshoku group, aiming to achieve zero waste water throughout the group.

Before improvement

Figure:Before improvement

After improvement

Figure:After improvement

Minimizing clogging of the bag filter (preventing reduction in water recycling capacity)

Figure:After improvement

Water consumption