Toyota Boshoku Earth Charter

Based on the TOYOTA BOSHOKU Earth Charter, we will make collective efforts as a group to contribute to preserving the global environment in order to realize a sustainable society.

Toyota Boshoku Earth Charter

Figure:Toyota Boshoku Earth Charter

1.Contribute toward a prosperous 21st century society

Aim for growth that is in harmony with the environment, and work to reduce environmental burdens throughout all areas of business activities. We will contribute toward realizing a “sustainable society” by carrying out activities that take into consideration biodiversity and co-existence with nature.

2.Develop environmental technologies

By seeking to tap the potential offered by environmental technologies, we will produce goods that are both comfortable and ecologically responsible. We will involve ourselves in the development of new technologies that can make worthwhile social contributions.

3.Take action voluntarily

Develop a voluntary improvement plan based on thorough preventive measures and compliance with laws that addresses environmental issues while promoting continuous implementation toward global environmental conservation.

4.Work in cooperation with society

Build close and cooperative relationships with a wide spectrum of individuals and organizations involved in environmental preservation, including related companies and industries.

Toyota Boshoku and all consolidated subsidiaries share the above Charter as the Toyota Boshoku group charter.
(Established December 2004, revised November 2011)