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Door Trims

Door trims

The door trim panels are key components making up the interior space of a vehicle. The main materials used include kenaf, which grows year round and has excellent CO2 absorbing properties, and plant-derived plastic, making them environmentally friendly as well.

The Lightweight Molded Form Door Trim with High Impact Resistance

The door trim utilizes Toyota Boshoku’s high impact-resistant plastic, a plastic material featuring world-class impact resistance. The company’s form molding technologies enable door trim production which reduces weight by approximately 20% compared to conventional base materials while maintaining high impact resistance.

High Impact Polymer Resin

Combining polyamide 11 (PA11), a 100% inedible plant-derived resin, and the petroleum-derived resin polypropylene (PP), the material is formed into a “salami structure” [Fig. 1] by controlling dispersion of the resins at the nanometer level, resulting in a plastic with approximately ten times the impact strength of PP [Fig. 2].