Challenge of minimizing wastes produced in the Toyota Boshoku group

Basic approach

The Toyota Boshoku group verifies activities to reduce waste at each plant and deploys best practices across the organization such as reducing the defect rate and enhancing the recycling rate for components. We are also working on design and production preparations that realize a reduction in material loss rate.

Food waste initiatives: generating biogas from leftover food

Leftover food from cafeterias at Toyota Boshoku's Sanage and Fujioka plants, as well as the Sanage dormitory, is used to produce biogas for charging forklift and tool batteries. Additionally, liquid reclaimed from the biogas production process is used as liquid fertilizer for the cultivation of vegetables. These vegetables have been offered as samples in cafeterias, and we are examining the possibility of using them as a regular part of our cafeteria menus in the future.

Figure:Food waste initiatives: generating biogas from leftover food

Amount of waste