Value creation process

In order to realize our Vision and be the company we aim to become, in 2020 the Toyota Boshoku group formulated its materiality (the approach we adopt to resolve the important issues we have identified to be prioritized through our business operations from among a variety of social issues) and the 2025 Mid-Term Business Plan, an action plan to achieve this materiality. We will implement this plan while maximizing our underlying philosophy and the strengths we have developed over our 100-year history.

Value creation process Value creation process



The Toyota Boshoku group has as its corporate belief the Principles of Toyoda, which bring together the ideas of Sakichi Toyoda, the founder of the Toyota group. To continue to earn the trust of all stakeholders, we have established our Corporate Philosophy.
We have also formulated the Toyota Boshoku group Code of Conduct and the TB Way to ensure that all company members share common values and behavior.

Philosophy (Corporate Information)

The Identity of the Toyota Boshoku Group

The Identity of the Toyota Boshoku Group

Our strengths lie in three areas: R&D, HITOZUKURI, and MONOZUKURI.

The identity of the Toyota Boshoku group (Corporate Information)

2025 Mid-Term Business Plan

Toyota Boshoku formulated the 2025 Mid-Term Business Plan to resolve issues identified through a review of the 2020 Business Plan and analysis of the current situation, and to realize materiality.

2025 Mid-Term Business Plan (Corporate Information)


Toyota Boshoku group defined as our materiality the identification of important issues to be resolved through our business operations from among a variety of social issues and the approach we adopt to resolve them.

Toyota Boshoku Group’s Materiality (Corporate Information)



Philosophy as well as our Vision, which describes the company we aim to become. This Vision advocates, “looking into the future, we will create tomorrow’s automobile interior spaces that will inspire our customers the world over,” and our aim is to offer “QUALITY OF TIME AND SPACE” in all mobility.