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The 42nd Tokyo Motor Show 2011

Official name The 42nd Tokyo Motor Show 2011
Venue Tokyo Big Sight (Tokyo, Japan)
Dates December 2(Fri) 2011~December 11(Sun) 2011
Schedule Press days:November 30 (Wed), Dec. 1 (Thu)
Special guest day:Dec. 2 (Fri)
General public days:Dec. 3 (Sat)-11 (Sun)
Products 1.Main Exhibits
1) Automobile Interior Space Model "T-Bridge" (reference exhibit)
Under the theme "Compact vehicle. Multiple possibilities", we propose the possibility of arranging the automobile interior to fit passenger's mood and lifestyle, offering mobile device connectivity and new automobile interior spaces that link people and their vehicles.

2) Automobile Interior Space Model "T-Brain" (reference exhibit)
Inspired by the concept of "an exciting automobile interior spaces for a family of four", we offer a new kind of idea. The new package provides a fresh viewpoint, the sports seats embrace the passengers; together they provide a more enjoyable and fun traveling experience.
The distinctive exterior evokes flowing fabric, harkening back to Toyota Boshoku's early beginnings in the textile business.

2.Other Exhibits
1) Automobile Seat Products
-Dedicated sports seat for automobile racing, installed in the Lexus LFA of GAZOO Racing
-Seat designed to achieve the ultimate comfortable ride, installed in small FR sports car that is jointly developed by Toyota Motor Corporation and Fuji Heavy Industries
-Slim Style Seat that seeks the thinness and lightness using net material
-New version of next-generation seat frame TB-NF110 series, which is lighter yet more comfortable

2) Automobile components made from plant-derived materials
-Bio fabric seat covered with textiles made of plant-derived materials
-Door trims, seat backboards, air cleaner cases that use plant-derived materials such as kenaf fibers, annual grass that possess high CO2 absorption capability

3) Filter and Power Train Components
The most advanced filters for air intake, lubrication, and air conditioning systems, developed by our highest standard filtration technology
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We at Toyota Boshoku are working to develop technologies everyday aimed at creating an automobile interior space that customers genuinely find appealing. We are committed to developing seats, one of our mainstay products, that provide the highest level of comfort. To this end, we employ different anaylses and evaluations in pursuit of the best seat for driving so that the excellent support means the seat fits the driver like a glove, no matter what the road condition.

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