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Automotive Engineering Exposition 2022

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Official name Automotive Engineering Exposition 2022
Venue Yokohama, ONLINE
Dates Yokohama:May 25th (Wed) 2022 - May 27th (Fri) 2022
ONLINE:May 25th (Wed) 2022~May 31th (Tue) 2022
Exhibition concept Pursuing comfort on the premise of safety and the environment, we aim to create new value as an "Interior Space Creator".
We introduce various technologies and products such as core technologies, technologies that lead to new value creation, and environmental technologies that contribute to the realization of carbon neutrality.
Products 1.Fatigue Estimation System / Active Driver Engagement System(First exhibition)
  A seat cover equipped with a system that estimates the drowsiness and fatigue of the driver while driving and suppresses drowsiness.
2.Plant-derived self-healing polymers (First exhibition)
  A plant-derived resin that has the function of self-repairing even if the material is scratched or cracked.
3.Easy-to-Operate Long Sliding Rails equipped in Toyota "NOAH" and "VOXY" (First exhibition)
  A long slide rail that allows you to tilt the seat back of the second seat and slide it back and forth with a lighter force than the previous model
  when getting on and off the third seat.
4.Initiatives related to Kenaf*
  Introducing products(office furniture, etc.)and initiatives using kenaf, a plant material
*It is an annual plant that grows quickly and can be harvested in a short period of time,and is said to have a high CO2 absorption capacity during growth.

<Others>The one-motor-type power seat, lithium-ion battery,
impact-resistant lightweight molded foam door trim, reflective far-infrared rays headlining, etc. 
Official website https://aee.expo-info.jsae.or.jp/en/