Conclusion of an Agreement for Global Business Alliance between TB Kawashima, a group of Toyota Boshoku Corporation and AUNDE Achter & Ebels

Management & Business

TB Kawashima Co., Ltd. (Head Office: Shiga, Japan; President: Teruo Suzuki; hereinafter referred to as "TB Kawashima"), a consolidated subsidiary of Toyota Boshoku Corporation (Head Office: Aichi, Japan; President: Takeshi Numa) and AUNDE Achter & Ebels GmbH (Head Office: Germany; CEO: Rolf Alfons Königs; hereinafter referred to as "AUNDE") concluded a business alliance agreement to reinforce the competitiveness in the global market of interior material business for transportation vehicle.

The automobile industry is said to be in a transitional period once every 100 years, including changes to CASE and MaaS. Along with the growing awareness of environmental issues, it is also essential for interior material manufacturers to respond to those changes.

Under such circumstances, TB Kawashima and AUNDE have been working to further enhance their competitiveness based on their respective global bases. The two companies already started operating joint venture in India last year, and have now entered into this new global agreement to develop the business alliance including other markets as well where growth is expected in the future. Through mutual utilization of knowledge, know-how and resources related to interior materials for transportation vehicle, TB Kawashima and AUNDE will make further efforts to provide attractive products that better meet customers' expectations.

1.Content of the business alliance
(1) Mutual utilization of production bases and facilities
(2) Consideration of development for (1) above
(3) Mutual supply of interior materials

2.Date of conclusion of business alliance agreement

June 23, 2021