Economy Class Seats Developed by Toyota Boshoku and ANA will Appear on Two New Domestic Flight Models

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We pursue even greater comfort, with new functions and innovations for a better fit

Kariya (JAPAN) - Economy passenger aircraft seats jointly developed by Toyota Boshoku Corporation and All Nippon Airways Co., Ltd. (ANA) will be used on two new aircraft models flying ANA domestic flights. The jointly developed seats, which first appeared in 2015, are scheduled to be installed in eight Boeing 777-200 and eleven Boeing 787-8 models in the Autumn 2019 (a total of approximately 6,000 seats).

The seats were initially introduced in 2015 and used in six Boeing 767-300 aircraft that ANA operated for its domestic flights. Toyota Boshoku's high-quality craftsmanship and seat comfort expertise have been refined in the company's automobile seat development business, and this experience and recognized quality were leveraged in the project. When developing the new seats, Toyota Boshoku added innovations to boost comfort and usability, and thus provide even greater seated comfort.

Going forward, Toyota Boshoku aims to further expand aircraft seat business.

New Seat Design Characteristics
In terms of seated comfort, the seat continues to provide a good sense of fit and comfort for a wide range of body sizes, while the backrest frame has been optimized and comfort further improved.
In terms of usability, the table and armrest height and form factor details have been designed with usability in mind. The seat includes a full range of functions, including a new touch panel personal monitor, but has a slim design for a feeling of roominess and space.

1) Pursuit of seated comfort
The seat provides full support for the hips and pelvis that make up the body's core, reducing muscle fatigue in those areas and maintaining a relaxed posture. (Fig. 1)
The goal was a seat that provides comfort and fit for various physiques, and that evenly distributes pressure across the body.
Added Innovations
・The backrest frame is optimized to further improve the sense of fit, and additional innovations accommodate a greater range of physiques. (Fig. 2)

(Fig. 1)

(Fig. 2)


2) Pursuit of usability
The position and shape of elements such as the table and armrests are configured to be comfortable for all passengers both short and tall. (Fig. 3)

(Fig. 3)

Added Innovations (Fig. 4)
・The touch panel personal monitor is set at an angle that is easy to see and use for passengers of all body sizes.
・The table cup holder shape has been improved to make it easier to remove paper cups. [Patent Pending]

(Fig. 4)