Toyota Boshoku to Exhibit at Auto China 2024

Product, Technology, Event

Kariya (Japan) April 12, 2024 - Toyota Boshoku will be exhibiting at Auto China 2024, which is scheduled to take place from April 25 to May 4, 2024 in Beijing, China. This will be the company's Fifth exhibition since the first exhibition in 2012.
With further development of CASE and MaaS expected in the Chinese market, we will be presenting our work on self-driving cars in collaboration with Chinese companies and proposals for future automotive interior spaces and carbon-neutral products we are developing.

1. Main Exhibits
1)Space Concept Mockup "LOUNZE"
The seats' reclining and swivel functions and long slide rail are utilized to create a variety of seating arrangements. The seats' indirect lighting and the starlight headliner facilitate a space providing the sense of relaxing in your own living room.

2) DiDi autonomous cars with MaaS share-ride space concept
By cooperating with China's robotaxi operator DiDi, we have fitted an actual vehicle with four systems from the MaaS share-ride space concept. Our plan is to conduct verification testing using the vehicle in a model autonomous driving area in China. The four features installed are described below.
(1)Privacy Audio Headrests
Speakers are built into the headrests, allowing each passenger to enjoy their favorite music.
(2)Motion Sickness Mitigation System
A device installed in the headrest blows a refreshing breeze to cool the neck area, helping relieve symptoms of motion sickness.
(3)Seat Vibration Notification System
The seat vibrates to notify passengers of departure and arrival.
(4)UVC-LED Vehicle Interior Disinfection System
After passengers exit the vehicle, the vehicle interior is disinfected with UVC-LED (deep ultraviolet LED) light to maintain a clean interior.

We will also be exhibiting a pet cage that allow pets to travel comfortably with their owners, a LEXUS LM Second-Row Seat especially designed for comfort, EV-compatible products, and filter products.

2. Booth Location
Booth W08, Hall W1-W, China International Exhibition Center (Shunyi)