Toyota Boshoku to Exhibit at Milan Design Week 2024

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Kariya (Japan) April 4, 2024 -Toyota Boshoku Corporation will be an exhibitor at the Milan Design Week 2024, one of the world's largest design festivals, running Monday, April 15th to Sunday, April 21st in Milan, Italy. This will be the company's tenth appearance at this event, and our exhibit, which is based on the theme of "CONTINUUM: Roots of Comfort," represents the world of "QUALITY OF TIME AND SPACE" that we endeavor to create. It will be an opportunity to show our ideal spaces in pursuit of comfort that anyone can experience through all five senses,including hearing, sight, and touch.

Since the establishment of a design studio in Milan in 2011, Toyota Boshoku has continued to exhibit at Milan Design Week, an event that attracts numerous visitors from around the world. We will publicize the Toyota Boshoku group's advanced design and development capabilities to the world and utilize the knowledge gained from the exhibition in designing future vehicle interior spaces.

1.About the Exhibit
By inviting the design unit "Imajin " as our creative director, we have collaborated with three traditional artisans from Toyama Prefecture. The concept combines techniques to demonstrate sonic, atmosphere, and tactile sensations that have been handed down over by generations of artisans to produce an intangible sense of "comfort."

Collaboration with Yoshinori Shimatani, Orin Craftsman: Visualizing the sounds and vibration of orin Buddhist bells, expressing comfort through hearing and sight.
Collaboration with Noriko Matsui, Silk Textile Artist: Shikeginu*1, a silk cloth woven from irregular silk threads, envelopes people in comfort with its transparent beauty and airy light weight.
Collaboration with Ko-wn Nakayama, Sugegasa*2 Craftsman: Expert techniques are used in precisely weaving sedge strips, producing a comfortable feel even to parts of the body other than the hands.


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* 1: Normally, each silkworm makes a single cocoon, but in rare cases, one cocoon may be made by two silkworms. Silk cloths woven using weft produced from these cocoons is referred to as Shikeginu.
* 2: Sugegasa is a sedge hat made with a bamboo frame featuring excellent breathability.

2.Exhibit Date & Location
 Date)15th (Mon.) to 21th (Sun.) April 2024
 Location)Via Vincenzo Forcella 7 Milan Italy