Publication of "Toyota Boshoku Human Capital Report 2023"

Management & Business

Kariya (Japan) March 11, 2024 -Toyota Boshoku has released the "Toyota Boshoku Human Capital Report 2023" on our website today to provide stakeholders with a better understanding of our human resources strategy and initiatives.

Based on our Vision, "Looking into the future, we will create tomorrow's automobile interior spaces that will inspire our customers the world over," we aim to be a company in which company members with diverse values and ways of thinking can cooperate and grow together.
This report includes the goals, specific initiatives, and KPIs linked to the seven human resources strategy themes aimed at realizing our business strategies.


Toyota Boshoku Human Capital Report 2023 of CONTENTS
1.The company we aim to become
3.Business strategy and the areas of activity
4.Human resource strategy target
5.HR strategy--policies and KPIs

Going forward, we aim to further enhance communications with our stakeholders and maximize the value of human capital and enhance corporate value through dialogue.