News Release 2021

Toyota Boshoku Seats and Interior Parts Featured in All-New Toyota Aqua

Kariya (JAPAN) – August 19, 2021 –Toyota Boshoku Corporation (Head Office: Kariya City, Aichi Prefecture, Japan; President: Takeshi Numa) has developed seats and other interior parts that are featured in Toyota Motor Corporation’s all-new Aqua released last month.

Rear Seatback Storable Tonneau Cover – Available as a dealer option for all grades of the Aqua
In many cases, tonneau covers* are removed when loading tall luggage in the luggage compartment. For solving cases like this, the Aqua features a space to store this cover behind the rear seats back, so that users can utilize the luggage compartment in a smooth and easy way without worrying about a place to store the tonneau cover when not in use.

* a tonneau cover is a panel that isolates the rear seats and luggage compartment in the vehicle interior and that blindfold luggage in the luggage compartment.

1)Insert one side of the tonneau cover between the back of the rear seats and the deck side trim.
2)Slide the recessed part of the tonneau cover’s underside along the shaft.
3)Drop the tonneau cover down to put it in place.

Driver’s Easy Return Seat function– Available in manufacturer’s option packages for G, X grades
A slide lever located on the side of the driver’s seat allows the user to return the seat to their preferred position via memory. When getting in the car, this feature allows the driver to easily return to a pre-memorized position by using the memory lever on the side of the seat. This is particularly convenient for drivers who need to re-adjust the seat every time they get in the car, especially drivers of smaller stature. After being featured in the Toyota Yaris released in February, 2020, it has been installed in the all-new Aqua as well.

3.Other Equipped Toyota Boshoku Products
Motor cores for hybrid systems, door trims, headliners, air cleaners, cabin air filters, oil filters, etc.

Motor cores for hybrid systems
(Toyota Boshoku uses its own unique high-precision, high-speed pressing technology to produce the motor cores)