News Release 2021

Toyota Boshoku’s Resin Timing Chain Cover Adopted for All-New Subaru Levorg

Kariya (JAPAN) – January 29, 2021 Toyota Boshoku Corporation has developed a resin timing chain cover to be used with the 1.8L direct-injection turbo engine installed in the latest model of Subaru Corporation’s Levorg*.

Timing chain covers are usually made of aluminum and require high dimensional accuracy and durability. Toyota Boshoku has achieved the world’s first mass production of this newly developed resin timing chain cover, which measures a full 800 mm x 375 mm, by utilizing the advanced design and production technologies we cultivated in the development of resin cylinder head covers and other products. Furthermore, the cover weight has been reduced by more than 30% in comparison with conventional products, thus contributing to improved fuel economy.

In addition, being used in this engine are Toyota Boshoku’s resin intake manifold and cylinder head cover. These products are being manufactured on the new line at Toyota Boshoku Tohoku Corporation’s Miyagi Plant, which launched production of unit parts this year.

* Awarded the 2020-2021 Car of the Year Japan