News Release 2021

New Year’s Message from the President (Summary)

Kariya (JAPAN) – January 6, 2021 – Toyota Boshoku Corporation has conducted its New Year’s Ceremony on January 6. President Numa sent out the following message (summary) to all members of Toyota Boshoku group.

Take the first step in creating the future for Toyota Boshoku

The year 2021 will be an important year for us to take the first step toward “creating the future of Toyota Boshoku.” The COVID-19 pandemic and its impact have changed not only our society and economy, but also our values. We are now expected to respond to the new normal. Despite these setbacks, the progress of CASE and MaaS is moving forward steadily. Toyota announced that they will start the construction of “Woven City,” a demonstrative smart city, in February this year. In order not to be left behind by society’s progress and our customers’ evolution, we need to become a trusted supplier favored by our customers.

We formulated our Materiality in July last year. Based on this, we established the 2025 Mid-term Business Plan which was officially announced last November.

Based on this Materiality, we envision our desired status in 2030 as “Creating New Value as an Interior Space Creator,” and set our target for 2025 as “an Interior Space Creator, becoming a company that serves as “HOME,” surpassing other global suppliers.”

The 2025 Mid-term Business Plan is poised to go a step further, incorporating the strong desire that “we must change” in order to achieve our ambitious goals together, as well as to instill a strong sense of drive and inspiration within all members.

My hope for all employees in achieving the 2025 mid-term business plan is to thoroughly follow the basic behaviors listed below, to think on a “Zero Base,” and to play a key role.

Basic Behaviors
1.Express your greetings and gratitude to others.
2.Create an open workplace.
3.Practice thorough cost reduction.
4.Top management and other managers to take the initiative as leaders, and pursue goals without fear of failure.

Thoroughly implementing these four basic behaviors will build a mutual trust among superiors and subordinates, between divisions, and within all companies to foster active global communication.

To think on a “Zero Base”
We have been implementing “stop, reduce, change” activities, but to achieve even higher goals, we need to think from zero. This means taking on new tasks that are not on the extended line from the past. By solving problems from a fresh perspective and without the constraint of precedents, we may devise new methods and ideas that could not have been generated by conventional ways of thinking.

You are the one to play a key role
Each and every one of you will play a key role in achieving the 2025 mid-term business plan. Please take this as your own “personal target,” a goal every one of you should think about on your own, irrespective of position, in order to achieve this mid-term business plan for your own future.

I hope that we will make 2021 the year for us to continue to grow and become a company that can contribute to society through our core business, and to take that first step in creating a bright future for Toyota Boshoku.