News Release 2019

Toyota Boshoku Publishes the Toyota Boshoku Report 2019

Kariya (JAPAN) – Toyota Boshoku Corporation has published the “Toyota Boshoku Report 2019”. This report introduces various activities carried out by the Toyota Boshoku group in fiscal year 2018, and highlights its business, governance, environmental and corporate social responsibility (CSR) activities. 

The Toyota Boshoku group is striving as a unified whole to overcome challenges to drive sustainable growth based on our 2020 Management Plan with the aim of realizing our vision. This Integrated Report outlines the results of activities over the past year and future challenges, referring to numerous case examples of specific initiatives and interviews centred on our value creation story.

1. Features of the Toyota Boshoku Report 2019

1) Top Message

  Amidst the transformational period in the automotive industry, Toyota Boshoku President Takeshi Numa explains Toyota Boshoku’s most recent issues and its initiatives for the future.

2) Value Creation Process

  Toyota Boshoku group pursues sustainable growth by way of a value creation process, based on “HITOZUKURI” (Human Resources Development), “MONOZUKURI” (Manufacturing) and “R&D” that are positioned as the cornerstone of our business.  The interviews with the leaders explain the basic concept and initiatives regarding our identity.

3) Introduce the ESG initiatives that support our Value Creation Process

  This report focuses on our activities regarding governance, including an interview with the outside director.


  Legal sized, 78 page report (2,000 issues)