News Release 2013

Toyota Boshoku presents “Harmonizing cars and house interiors” at Milano Salone

Kariya (Japan) – March 28, 2013 – Toyota Boshoku Corporation will participate in the 52nd International Furniture Fair “Milano Salone” 1 for the second time in Milan, Italy from April 9 to 14, 2013. Toyota Boshoku’s TOYOTA BOSHOKU MILAN DESIGN BRANCH,2  based in Milan, is again proposing its visions of futuristic interior spaces.

This year’s theme is “Carmony” (Car + Harmony). Toyota Boshoku, in our pursuit to develop attractive lifestyles we employ products and materials from our automobile interior business in exciting new ways. Utilizing Toyota Boshoku’s “Fabric Wall” for housing interiors, we propose innovative designs harmonizing car and housing interiors based on a Smart Grid3 concept. By looking at things from a broad perspective we combine cars, fashion and architecture to create avant-garde interior spaces.

Through our exhibition at the Milano Salone the TOYOTA BOSHOKU MILAN DESIGN BRANCH aims to share with the world’s automakers our group’s design capabilities and create interior spaces that will thrill our customers the world over.

1. Main showpieces



“Moving Car Interior Concept”
    Based on the concept of harmonizing car and house interiors, we have eliminated the barriers between car and housing interiors to create proposals that will link interior spaces and provide wide variety of functions above and beyond traditional notions. 


2. Other display items



Toyota Open FR Sports “FT-86 Open concept”: sports seat and floor carpet


Housing interior fabric wall


Fashion based photographic images   5 items


Automotive fabrics “Fabric Bar”

3. Location of exhibition

Address: Via Morimondo 26, 20143 Milano

*1:One of the largest international furniture fairs in the world.  A variety of different design events are being held throughout the city of Milan during the Milano Salone and this is an opportunity for not only furniture and interior manufacturers, but also home appliance, automobile, and fashion manufacturers to showcase their brands, design skills, and new products to the world. 

*2: Established in September 2011 as our first design studio in Europe.  It is a place where designers come into contact with leading-edge design trends, cultivate their creative abilities, and create their own highly original designs.  It also acts as a base to transmit information to the world with the aim to improve the Toyota Boshoku group’s global competitiveness.

*3:Next generation electrical network to help realize a low-carbon society