News Release 2007

Toyota Boshokus Management Committee helps to construct a new building for an elementary school in Vietnam

Toyota Boshoku Corporation’s Management Committee (1) (Headquarters: Kariya City, Aichi, Japan; President: Shuhei Toyoda) collaborated in the construction of a new building for an elementary school in Vietnam as part of its social contribution activities.

Toyota Boshoku worked closely with the international NGO group Plan Japan (2) in the construction of a new building for an elementary school in Tan Thanh area of Bac Giang Province in Vietnam. A completion ceremony was held on December 7 (Fri), at 9:30 a.m. (Japan time: 11:30 a.m. on the same day). The children from this area, the school Principal and those connected to the school, related parties from local NGOs, Toyota Boshoku’s Management Committee, representatives from Toyota Boshoku Hanoi and Toyota Boshoku Haiphong: that are subsidiaries in Vietnam, and local people all took part.

The Toyota Boshoku Group supports activities that contribute to society through contributing to the development of local regions, taking as its foundation a basic philosophy of aiming for development in harmony with society. Toyota Boshoku’s Management Committee has been developing and carrying out a number of volunteer activities in Japan such as cleaning the beaches around the area of Irago Cape (Tahara City, Aichi Prefecture, Japan), and managing local welfare events. Following the repair of an elementary school in Indonesia in January of this year, this is the second time that

Toyota Boshoku has made a contribution to society abroad. As well as follow-up work on the repair and construction of the elementary schools, we intend to continue developing activities that contribute to society, and to continue to provide support in various places in countries where it is necessary.

(1) 449 members. A voluntary organization of Grade 3 managerial class personnel in Toyota Boshoku.
(2) The Japan office of Plan International (International Headquarters: England) was established in Setagaya Ward, Tokyo, Japan, in 1983. Plan International was established in 1937 as an NGO that promotes child-centered community development. At present its activities are spread throughout 66 countries worldwide, providing assistance in 49 countries by 17 supporting countries.


Outline of the construction of the school building

(1) Elementary School: Tan Thanh Primary School
(2) Address: Tan Thanh area, Lang Giang District, Bac Giang Province, The Socialist Republic of Vietnam
(3) Number of students: 663
(4) Contents: After the activities that were carried out in Indonesia in January 2007, we again did a tie-up with Plan, and looked at further potential activity. Wishing to provide Vietnamese children with a comfortable learning environment, on the premises of Tan Thanh Primary School, which is in the center of the Tan Thanh area, a 2-storey building equipped with classrooms, teacher’s rooms, and rooms for extracurricular activities were constructed, plus the installation of all the electrical wiring. This is the replacement of the most deteriorated building among 3 elementary schools in this local region, which was facing the danger of collapse, and children can now study at the newly-built school. Support has also been given for an organization that can be effectively managed by local people following completion of the school.

The happy faces of the children and those concerned with Toyota Boshoku in 
front of the completed elementary school

Members of Toyota Boshokus Management Committee giving school bags 
that is the commemorative gift from Toyota Boshoku to the children