News Release 2007

Toyota Boshokus Management Committee helps to repair an elementary school in Indonesia

Toyota Boshoku Corporation (Headquarters: Kariya City, Aichi, Japan; President: Shuhei Toyoda), bases its fundamental principles on being a good corporate citizen and aims for balanced growth in society. Toyota Boshoku Group promotes activities that contribute to society in the development of local community.

As a part of its social contribution activities, Toyota Boshoku’s Management Committee(1) helped to repair an elementary school in Surabaya, Indonesia. A ceremony to commemorate the completion of the school was held.

Toyota Boshoku worked closely with the international NGO group Plan Japan(2), and offered teaching materials and complete refurbishment of MI Raudhatul Mu’ta’alimin elementary school in Surabaya, East Java, Indonesia. The completion ceremony was held at 8 am local time (11 am Japan time) on January 12th, and the school Principal, 177 children from Raudhatul elementary school, related parties and NGOs, Toyota Boshoku’s Management Committee and representatives from P.T. Abadi Barindo Autotech (ABA) attended.

The Committee has been carrying out volunteer activities in Japan such as cleaning Mt. Fuji and Irago seashore, but this was the first time for the company to extend such social action programs abroad. We intend to continue these activities in a number of countries where the support is needed.

(1) 449 members. A voluntary organization of Grade 3 managerial class personnel in Toyota Boshoku.
(2) The international NGO Plan, started in 1937, promotes child-centered community development.Plan Japanwas established in 1983. At present Plan’s activities are spread throughout 62 countries worldwide, providing assistance in 46 countries supported by 16 countries.


Outline of the project
(1) Elementary School: MI Raudhatul Mu’ta’alimin elementary school
(2) Address: Jl. Karang Tembok Rt 3/ Rw. 3, Kelurahan Pegirian, Semampir, Surabaya, Jawa Timur, Indonesia
(3) Number of students: 200
(4) Contents:
In September 2005, studied details of action to be taken in a tie-up with Plan Japan. Complete refurbishment of buildings that are not safely secured so that a comfortable learning environment can be offered to Indonesian children. Classrooms, bathrooms and electrical wiring to be maintained and improved; desks, chairs and other school fixtures and classroom materials to be offered.
In order for parties concerned to the elementary school to be able to manage and maintain the elementary school in their own right, a forum for discussion has been organized, together with help in nurturing management skills.

Chairman of Toyota Boshoku Management Committee, 
Kazuhiko Sawase handing over stationery to the children