News Release 2010

Regarding Disaster Relief Funds for Victims of Haiti Earthquake

Kariya (Japan) – The Toyota Boshoku Corporation Group has decided to allocate disaster relief funds via specified nonprofit organization Japan Platform (Japan), and American Red Cross (USA), in an effort to aid the victims of Haiti earthquake.

The allocated amounts of the contributions are as follows:

  TOYOTA BOSHOKU AMERICA, INC.*, USA: 10,000 dollars
(approx. 1 million yen)
  Toyota Boshoku Corporation, Japan: 1 million yen
  Total: approx. 2 million yen

In addition to the above, a fund drive will be held to collect donations from employees of Toyota Boshoku.

We offer our most-sincere sympathy to those affected by the earthquake that struck Haiti.

*Toyota Boshoku Group’s Regional Management & Collaboration Hub, in charge of North & South America region.