News Release 2017

Toyota Boshoku to Exhibit at Milan Design Week - QUALITY OF TIME AND SPACE –

KARIYA (JAPAN) – April 3, 2017 – Toyota Boshoku Corporation (TOKYO: 3116) will exhibit at Milan Design Week for the fifth time, which runs from April 4th to 9th, 2017, in Milan, Italy.  Its Milan design studio Toyota Boshoku Milan Design is planning a luxurious, high-quality “time and space”.

The theme of exhibit is TB-SPAZIO*, and the goal is to present a hospitality space inspired by spa resorts. Guided by the idea that different people find different positions comfortable, it used the knowledge of ride comfort it has cultivated in its automobile work to create “relax chairs” that occupants find comfortable in their preferable sitting posture. These are combined with an installation of images, music, aromas, and other elements that provide a feeling of comfort via the five senses to form an exhibit space of healing and recovery.

Toyota Boshoku established its Milan design studio in 2011 to get close to cutting-edge design trends and thereby further hone its design sensibilities.  Since then, the studio has created many attractive moving spaces, including the interior furnishings for concept cars developed by automobile makers.  

Toyota Boshoku will continue to exhibit at the Milan Design Week that runs concurrently with the Salone Internazionale del Mobile and promote its advanced design development capabilities to the world.  Always, its goal is to be a company that persists in proposing excellent mobility for customers throughout the world, offering “QUALITY OF TIME AND SPACE” in all aspects of human mobility.

Exhibit Location: SHOWROOM (Via Forcella 7. Milan, Italy)

*Spazio means “space” in Italian, and also evokes the word “spa”, a place of beauty, health, and healing.