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Toyota Boshoku to exhibit at the Automotive Engineering Exposition 2021 - Online

Official name Toyota Boshoku to exhibit at the Automotive Engineering Exposition 2021 - Online
Dates May 26(Wed) 2021~July 30(Fri) 2021
Exhibition concept At the exposition, Toyota Boshoku will provide an online introduction for seats and interior components developed to create new value in the vehicle cabin, and for a variety of environmental technologies that contribute to the realization of carbon neutrality.
Additionally, during the exposition period, we will hold online meetings for showcasing our proprietary technologies and enabling expo participants to exchange opinions with staff in charge of development. We look forward to seeing you in the meeting.
Products 1. One-motor power seat installed in new-model Yaris Cross
  Power seat that enables operation of three seat mechanisms via a single motor
2. Drowsiness Suppression Seat System
  Gauges the level of the driver's drowsiness and suppresses drowsiness by vibration the seat, playing music, etc.
3. Virus Infection Control Partition
  Toyota Boshoku developed a partition that can be retrofitted to the driver's seat of a vehicle to prevent virus infection
4. Introduction of implementation and utilization of driving simulator
  Introduction of product evaluation using a newly-implemented driving simulatorfor the development of next-generation vehicle space in autonomous driving vehicles, etc.
5.Environmental technology
1) Lightweight natural fiber base material utilizing kenaf
  Door trim base material utilizing the annual plant kenaf, which has excellent CO2 absorption
2) Research on synthesizing biodegradable plastics from waste seaweed
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