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The 45th Tokyo Motor Show 2017

Official name The 45th Tokyo Motor Show 2017
Venue Tokyo Big Sight (Tokyo, Japan)
Dates October 27(Fri) 2017~November 5(Sun) 2017
Schedule Press days: October 25 (Wed.), 26 (Thu. )
Special Invitation Day: October 27 (Fri. )
General Public Days: October 28 (Sat. ) - November 5 (Sun. )
Booth number Booth No.E6102, East 4,5,6 hall
Exhibition concept QUALITY OF TIME AND SPACE
Products Toyota Boshoku demonstrates the company's pursuit of higher quality time and space through concept models and the latest products.

1) Future concept mock-up: VODY*1
This approach to interiors and vehicles starts with the human, bringing the "mobile space" into a whole new world. When human and vehicle are connected at the conscious level, the car then becomes a part of the body. Designed to realize higher quality time and space, these interiors closely conform and freely adapt to the human occupants as one "form of the future" born of a human-centered mindset.

2) Future concept mock-up: MOOX*2
"MOOX" is a mobile multi-purpose space premised on completely autonomous vehicle operation. Freely configurable seats and complete sensory stimulation, including sound, color, and smell open up unlimited possibilities, even in a limited space.

3) LEXUS interior components
Experience quality design and comfortable interiors with improved operability and ride comfort suitable for LEXUS models.

4) TB Sports seat
Toyota Boshoku's original sports seat. Toyota Boshoku employs the company's proprietary technologies to create seats offering hold performance with well-balanced support for the entire body and a soft, supple feel.

*1 VODY: Portmanteau coined from VOID (space) and BODY, denoting a space that is completed through the connection with humans.
*2 MOOX: Portmanteau coined from MOBILE and BOX, denoting a private space that can be utilized freely while in motion.
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