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Together with Customers

Basic stance

Based on the customer first philosophy originated from the Principles of Toyoda—being unified to make contributions for the world and for people—and our initiatives related to MONOZUKURI cultivated for 100 years, the Toyota Boshoku group aims to become an Interior Space Creator. To achieve this goal, we are working to thoroughly enhance quality and develop human resources on a global scale. It is our mission to always consider matters from the customer's perspective and position, to ensure safety and confidence and to provide customers with attractive and inspiring products.

Special content:introducing our commitment to quality with passionate
Toyota Boshoku team members around the world.


Establishing a global quality assurance system

In order to deliver high-quality and high added-value products to our customers around the world, we are establishing a global quality assurance system for the Toyota Boshoku group on the back of integrated efforts by the Quality Assurance Division and TQM Promotion Department in the Quality Field.

Striving to prevent issues in quality from upstream processes

Since fiscal 2020, the Toyota Boshoku group has introduced the global QFL*1 system and linked the Regional Business Unit, the Product Business Unit, and Functional Collaboration Reinforcement Unit. By doing so, we seek to enhance quality by fostering a corporate culture in which top management sincerely work on the quality function policy in each region and on shared global quality issues.
As one initiative for shared quality issues, we review work style in the development and production preparation processes, and promote improvement in technical drawing completeness through efforts by the Quality SE*2 Team in cooperation with development division. We are also strengthening systems to prevent quality issues from upstream processes. Furthermore, we are developing quality human resources through team activities with quality experts.
Additionally, through IQS*3 and our original market research, we are analysing customer usage and temporal changes, and are continuously working on activities to reflect the results of analysis into design and evaluation standards.

*1 QFL : Quality First Leader
*2 SE : Simultaneous Engineering; refers to product development with simultaneous advancement of technology, production engineering and plants
*3 Initial Quality Study : J.D.Power’s industry benchmark for new-vehicle quality measured in the early stage of ownership

QFL Promotion System

QFL Promotion System

Plant organisational restructuring that maintains the independence of quality

In order to maintain independence in our quality control function, we have restructured into an organisation with clear roles and responsibilities for manufacturing management, quality control and manufacturing, respectively, so as to enable quality assurance from an independent standpoint. This move has seen us transfer inspectors from manufacturing to quality control in all regions worldwide.

Plant organisational restructuring that maintains the independence of quality

Plant organisational restructuring that maintains the independence of quality

Realising uniform global quality assurance in all products

To realise uniform global quality assurance and continue providing products with a stable level of quality to customers, Toyota Boshoku is working to make sure the same process control methods are put into place worldwide by using auditors for critical processes who are certified internally.

Establish process quality and standardisation to realise sustainable growth

The Toyota Boshoku group is utilising IT in the construction of quality information management systems and working to enhance operational quality.

Using IoT and AI to create systems that can be continuously improved

The Toyota Boshoku group utilises IT to efficiently collect quality control information on customers and internal matters, and are working to construct a quality improvement system that leads to countermeasures and proposals for preventing recurrence. Furthermore, we have introduced an automated appearance inspection system that uses IoT and AI to reduce variations in pass/fail judgments by people, are developing systems capable of predictive management by ascertaining work which is the source of problems, and building quality control mechanisms that enable continuous improvement into the future.

Continuous quality improvement using IoT and AI

Continuous quality improvement using IoT and AI
*4 All Toyota-Boshoku Quality Information Leading System

Enhancing quality competitiveness and developing human resources with an eye on the future

By establishing the MONOZUKURI Innovation Center, Toyota Boshoku is working to bolster a cooperation between development, production engineering, quality, and to augment the vehicle evaluation system. We are also performing speedy evaluation analysis in order to resolve problems and prevent recurrence.
Moreover, by using analysis results as feedback for development, we connect the analysis to prevention and quality enhancement.
We are also actively working to develop human resources who can propose new evaluation methods.

Promoting the trinity of activities: development, production engineering, and quality

Initiatives focusing on the age of CASE and MaaS

In response to CASE and MaaS, the Toyota Boshoku group is building quality from the customer’s perspective while reviewing durability, maintainability, and usability, as well as considering constantly changing customer’s needs. Also, we are working to achieve perceived quality exceed customer’s expectations and enhance competitiveness in quality.

MONOZUKURI Innovation Center: Vehicle inspection site

MONOZUKURI Innovation Center: Vehicle inspection site

Improvement of business quality using TQM

The Toyota Boshoku group applies TQM to secure abilities in terms of organisation, processes, and members for sustainable growth. Enhancing the process quality of each company member so as to eliminate loss and increase efficiency, we will achieve the mid-term business plan and realise our Vision.
As a specific measure, we will confirm the policy links between organisations needed to achieve the mid-term business plan, and will clarify the causal relationship between measures and the attainment of goals. Additionally, in order to fulfil the mission of the organisation, we will examine and systematise daily tasks to improve the effectiveness of processes.
When training company members who perform these tasks, we will use a skill map to clarify the skills required for the tasks, evaluate and increase the individual abilities, and cultivate human resources who will grow from independent to autonomous.
This will enable the Toyota Boshoku group to evolve into an autonomous organisation which strives to reach our Vision.

*5 A prize given to companies with outstanding achievements in Total Quality Management (TQM)

Fostering a culture of quality and cultivating human resources

The Global Quality Learning Center (GQLC) is a facility where company members can listen to the direct opinions of customers and experience quality defects. Since its opening in 2016, the GQLC had been based in the Fujioka Plant. However, in July 2020, it was relocated and reopened in the MONOZUKURI Innovation Center of the Sanage Plant.
As part of the reopening, we reproduced defects in vehicles.
We also added an area where members can experience the defects and an exhibition corner that uses big data. The GQLC provides a place for all company members to learn the importance of our Customer First and Quality First policies from the perspective of the end user.

GQLC open after renewal

GQLC open after renewal

QC Circle Activities (Small-group Improvement Activities)

Based on the basic philosophy of TQM, the Toyota Boshoku group promotes QC circle activities, and strives to enhance improvement capabilities and cultivate human resources through training and meetings.
In 2019, the Union of Japanese Scientists and Engineers awarded the QC Circle Experience Case Excellence Award*6 to the Magic Hand Circle of the Unit Components Production Engineering Division, the Laser Beam Circle of the Gifu Manufacturing Division, and the Best Nine Circle of Toyota Boshoku Kyushu Corporation.

*6 From among approximately 1,900 improvement cases announced at QC circle competitions sponsored by segments, branches, districts, etc., held through Japan, this award recognizes the outstanding activities (approx. 250 awards given per year) of circles which were recommended by QC Circle Headquarters.