Social Activities

We defined our commitment to stakeholders in our corporate philosophy and undertake business activities based on this commitment to fulfil our social responsibilities, with the aim of continuing to be trusted by customers, shareholders and all other stakeholders.

  • Report on CSR Performance Indicators

    The Toyota Boshoku group has established its visionary goal under its vision to be "a trusted company that grows together with all stakeholders" as our aspired image of our place in society. The Toyota Boshoku group is collectively carrying out social activities to realise this aspiration. Measures were taken in fiscal 2015 to review our initiatives from the perspective of the seven core themes of ISO 26000 with the aim of enhancing the level of activities.

  • CSR Management

    The Toyota Boshoku group is working to further enhance corporate governance through respecting international behavioural rules in compliance with laws, regulations and ethics in order to carry out sustainable business activities and meet the expectations and earn the confidence of all stakeholders.

  • Together with Customers

    The Toyota Boshoku group has an integrated system of design, manufacturing and sales and is committed to production that prioritises safety and quality in order to provide high-quality, high value-added and attractive products from the customer’s perspective and standpoint, thereby inspiring and exciting customers.

  • Together with Company Members

    Motivated and vibrant workers lead to growth of the individual and growth of the entire company. We are seeking to create a company in which everyone feels encouraged by increasing the quality of communication between supervisors and subordinates and pursuing challenges and making improvements.

  • Together with Shareholders and Investors

    The Toyota Boshoku group actively promotes efforts to disclose information and communicate in an appropriate and timely manner so as to earn the trust and support of shareholders and investors.

  • Together with Suppliers

    Using fair and equitable procedures, the Toyota Boshoku group purchases parts, raw materials and equipment from a large number of suppliers throughout the world. Together, we will grow by putting into practice the spirit of a win-win relationship while fulfilling our social responsibilities in the supply chain.

  • Together with Global Society & Local Communities

    The Toyota Boshoku group will implement social contribution activities in response to local issues based on our shared corporate philosophy in which we endeavour to promote corporate growth while fulfiling our responsibilities as a good corporate citizen.

Toyota Boshoku Report

Toyota Boshoku Report 2016

Our Annual Report and Environmental and Social Report have been combined into the Toyota Boshoku Report.

Toyota Boshoku Report 2016 (PDF:9,571KB)

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