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Risk Management

Basic stance

The Toyota Boshoku group is working to comprehensively reinforce risk management and reduce risk in order to respond swiftly to major risk that includes management risk, risk in daily operations, risk such as disasters and accidents, risk arising from the external environment such as global warming and water and social reputation risk*.
* Risk of losing societal trust

Principal risk management initiatives

Toyota Boshoku is strengthening risk management company-wide by sharing the state of progress of major risk response activities of respective functional divisions at the Risk Management Function Meeting established in order to prevent risks and minimise damage.
In fiscal 2018, Toyota Boshoku aimed to further strengthen our business continuity plan (BCP) by promoting various measures. In fiscal 2019, we plan to issue a revised edition of the BCP manual.
Additionally, Toyota Boshoku will continuously make efforts to prevent labour problems and thoroughly prevent a recurrence of fires at each business entity.

Confidentiality and information security management

The Toyota Boshoku group considers the appropriate management of confidential information to be an important element of our business activities. We created a global confidentiality management system to conduct confidentiality and information security management.
At Toyota Boshoku, in addition to strengthening activities in conjunction with respective functional divisions, we have assigned personnel responsible for confidentiality management and personnel in charge of confidentiality management within each division. We ascertain the weaknesses in each workplace through on-site discussion. We are looking into measures to mitigate confidentiality risk and are working to make ameliorations and improvements. In regions outside Japan, Regional Management & Collaboration Hubs (RM&CH) undertook self-inspections using confidentiality management standards that match the characteristics of each region and we deployed in sequence measures to resolve weak points at each site within a region across the organisation.
In fiscal 2018, Toyota Boshoku held confidentiality management seminars for personnel responsible for confidentiality management within each division and provided e-learning for all company members with the aim of further strengthening cyber security.

Priority initiative themes for risk management

Fiscal 2018
Business continuity
◎Supplier issues
・Visualisation of the supply chain, critical materials countermeasures
◎Indispensable processes
・Risk measures for indispensable processes and facilities
◎Production plant explosions / fires
・Mapping of facilities and raw materials exposed to the risk of explosions and fires, prevent recurrence
Reputation ◎Respond to overwork
Fiscal 2019
Business continuity
◎Implement three initiative themes from fiscal 2018 at each regional entity.
・Supplier issues
・Indispensable processes
・Production plant explosions / fires (includes suppliers)
◎Reconfirm role of organisations and prepare manuals that complete initial response~restoration / reconstruction
・Measures assuming a disaster at Toyota Boshoku in-house production plants due to Nankai trough earthquakes
・Implement a simulation in the seat process at the Sanage Plant
◎Prevent supplier data falsification
◎Initial response when misconduct scandal occurs
・Prepare media response procedures, training
◎Respond to overwork
Others ◎Establish legal risk management structure
◎Global-wide activities by the security export control structure
◎Prevent mental health disorders
◎Labour risk (strikes) in each region
◎Respond to GDPR*

* General Data Protection Regulation: A new framework for protection of personal information established by the European Union