Corporate Information

Value Creation Story

The Toyota Boshoku Group formulated our corporate philosophy based on the Principles of Toyoda and under our vision, which articulates the type of company we aspire to become, we specify that “Looking into the future, we will create tomorrow’s automobile interior space that will inspire our customers the world over.” We have positioned “HITOZUKURI*1,” “MONOZUKURI*2” and “R&D*3” codified in the Principles of Toyoda as the cornerstone of our business and will offer “QUALITY OF TIME AND SPACE” in all mobility by proposing excellent mobility for customers throughout the world and undertaking manufacturing that enables customers to feel our affection. By doing so, we aim to raise economic value and contribute to social value as a trusted company that grows together with all stakeholders.
*1 Human resources development to realize Principle of Toyoda
*2 Manufacturing and Craftmanship
*3 Research, technology and development

  • Value Creation Process

    The Toyota Boshoku group seeks to realise our vision, “Looking into the future, we will create tomorrow’s automobile interior space that will inspire our customers the world over” based on the identity of “HITOZUKURI,” “MONOZUKURI” and R&D as well as by leveraging our four business domains to support value creation.

  • Initiatives toward Sustainable Growth

    Since our earliest days, we have cultivated the identity of “HITOZUKURI,” “MONOZUKURI” and “R&D.” These strengths have laid the foundations for business activities and a business model that support the creation of value in the Toyota Boshoku group, enabling us to establish a strong position in the market with our core businesses of Seat, Interior & Exterior and Unit Components.
    The business environment is changing drastically, however, with advance of CASE and the need to respond to new MaaS trends. Perceiving these changes as business opportunities, we will tackle new challenges from a fresh perspective that goes beyond a mere extension of past endeavours.
    By further refining our identity going forward, we believe we can create significant new value.

  • Management Concept and KPI Tree of Business Management Structure

    The Toyota Boshoku group undertakes various corporate activities for attaining our Vision and realising our desired status. To attain the management structure we aim to achieve, Toyota Boshoku established the KPI Tree of Business Management Structure to follow its state of progress.