Corporate Information


Based on the Principles of Toyoda, which encapsulate the ideas of founder Sakichi Toyoda, the Toyota Boshoku group formulated our corporate philosophy for maintaining the trust of all stakeholders and our VISION, which articulates the type of company we aspire to become.

With the corporate philosophy and VISION serving as a framework, we have established clear policies, targets and plans for our business, social and environmental activities. We have also formulated the TB Way and the Toyota Boshoku group code of conduct to ensure that all company members share common values and behaviour.

Principles of Toyoda

  • Always be faithful to your duties, thereby contributing to society and to the overall good.
  • Be at the vanguard of the times through endless creativity,inquisitiveness and pursuit of improvement.
  • Always be practical and robust, and avoid extravagant and frivolous practice.
  • Always strive to build a homelike atmosphere at work, one that is warm and friendly.
  • Be reverent, and show gratitude for things great and small in thought and deed.
Sakichi Toyoda Principles of Toyoda
Sakichi Toyoda

Corporate Philosophy

Toyota Boshoku aims to continue developing as a company that contributes to society and grow in harmony with our local communities as a good corporate citizen. We have instituted the Toyota Boshoku Fundamental Principles so that we may continue to enjoy the trust of our shareholders, investors, and all other stakeholders. We shall fulfill our corporate responsibilities through company activities based on these principles.

The Company will promote corporate growth while fulfiling the following responsibilities as a good corporate citizen:
  1. Maintain ethical values, ensuring that our corporate activities are fair and transparent;
  2. Supply safe products that do not harm the environment; Promote corporate activities that help protect the global environment;
  3. Create a better society as a member of our local communities.
The Company will develop innovative technologies and products to deliver quality that satisfies our customers.
The Company will promote innovative management policies that ensure future corporate growth and the trust of our shareholders.
The Company will build and maintain positive labour-management relations, respect the individuality of its employees and create safe and comfortable workplaces.
5.Business partners
The Company will promote open and mutually beneficial relationships with its business partners in pursuit of long-term growth and prosperity.


1. The company we aim to become
Looking into the future, we will create tomorrow's automobile interior space that will inspire our customers the world over.
2. Toyota Boshoku’s Aspirations
[Our place in business]
(1) A company that persists in proposing excellent mobility for customers throughout the world.
  1. Readily provide products tailored to the various lifestyles of respective regions through innovative technologies that are unique to the Toyota Boshoku group and consistent in its manufacturing quality.
  2. Have an established presence in terms of unique value by creating innovative, next-generation products that exceed customers' expectations.
  3. Strive to provide customers with environmentally friendly and enriched lifestyles by boldly pursuing inroads into new businesses.
[Our place in society]
(2) A trusted company that grows together with all stakeholders.
  1. Resourceful and multi-talented human resources drawn by the appeal of the Toyota Boshoku group, with members working enthusiastically all regions, worldwide.
  2. Recognized as a company that is trusted and indispensable to society, customers, business partners and shareholders.
  3. Capable of carrying out unequalled monozukuri in every region of the world while carrying out kaizen continuously.

TB Way

We contribute to society by developing leading-edge technologies and manufacturing high-quality products.

  1. We meet challenges with courage and creativity, to realise our dreams.
  2. We carry out kaizen continuously, aiming to achieve higher goals.
  3. We practice genchi-genbutsu by going to the source to analyse problems and find their root causes.
  4. Once a decision is made, we move quickly to carry out the plan, with passion and a sense of mission.
  5. We seek to do our best, act professionally and take responsibility for our actions.
  6. We respect the values of other cultures and accept differences, with an open mind and a global perspective.
  7. As a good corporate citizen, we do what is right and contribute to society.
  8. We respect the individual and use teamwork to produce the best result.