Team Breakthrough - the thinking behind the title

Through this media site, we will inform you about how we, the Toyota Boshoku group, are thinking about the future and what we are currently working on

In this first article, we would like to share our thinking behind the title “Team Breakthrough—Creating the future through challenge and innovation.”

A “team” is a group of people with a common goal.
“Breakthrough” means to break through a situation that had presented an obstacle.
Team Breakthrough is a combination of the two, in which the team works together to challenge various things, break through difficulties and issues, and realize innovation. It expresses the determination of Toyota Boshoku.

What does Team Breakthrough require? It requires that each of us faces difficulties and challenges without fear of failure. It means changing things based on completely fresh ideas, without being bound by accepted practice. In other words, challenge and innovation. Having established our Vision, namely, “looking into the future, we will create tomorrow’s automobile interior spaces that will inspire our customers the world over,” our aim is to offer quality of time and space in all mobility. Our company members around the world are already united in their efforts to set themselves challenges and innovate every day. At the same time, as the world undergoes a dramatic shift to a “new normal,” we are faced with a variety of difficulties and challenges as we try to create value that is beneficial to society. Of course, we cannot do everything by our own efforts alone. We also need to collaborate not only with our suppliers and customers, but also with external parties who possess the technologies, expertise, and functions that our group does not. We need to work together with all these parties with a common sense of purpose; in other words, as a team.

To this end, we decided it was necessary to keep everyone informed about how our group is thinking about the future, and what we are currently working on. Team Breakthrough will regularly publish information on the four themes of “R&D,” “sustainability,” “people,” and “MONOZUKURI.”

We will use this site to inform you about our group’s initiatives and also to convey our vision for the future.

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