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News Release 2010

Toyota Boshoku Publishes Toyota Boshoku Report 2010

Toyota Boshoku Corporation (Headquarters: Kariya. Aichi Pref., President: Shuhei Toyoda) has recently published the “Toyota Boshoku Report 2010 (English version)”, which is a CSR report that collects together and summarises the various activities carried out by the Toyota Boshoku Group in fiscal year 2009. The Toyota Boshoku Group is deploying its business operations through 86 bases in 5 regions around the world (North, Central & South America, Asia & Oceania, China, Europe & Africa, and Japan) as a world-class automobile interior system supplier and filter manufacturer.

The CSR activities of the Toyota Boshoku Group are being actively promoted and are comprised of 3 main pillars, “Business Activities”, which contribute to the realisation of a prosperous society through manufacturing, and “Social Activities” and “Environmental Activities”, which promote corporate growth while fulfilling our responsibilities as a good corporate citizen. In particular, environmental conservation is being promoted globally in a unified manner by the entire Toyota Boshoku Group in an effort to further strengthen initiatives that contribute to the realisation of a sustainable society. This report also introduces the activities where the principle of genchi-genbutsu (go, see & study) and the spirits of new challenges that were cultivated over many years were put into practise and shared globally in a large variety of situations in an aim to build even better relationships with all stakeholders.


1. President’s Interview by an Professor of Economics at Rikkyo University Mika Takaoka
2. Focus
  Plant tour report by an French journalist Dora Tauzin, providing on-site report of kaizen activities
Toyota Boshoku’s environmental technologies that aim to shift entirely to the use of plant-derived interior parts
3. Global Report
  Each region’s overview in of fiscal year 2009, priority strategies and goals
4. Social Activities
  Social activities undertaken to be continuously trusted by customers, shareholders, and all other stakeholders
5. Environmental Activities
  Environmental management, Eco-friendly development and design
Initiatives to reduce the environmental impact of production
6. Facts & Figures
7. Third-Party Comment on “Toyota Boshoku Report 2010”
  (Professor at Kobe University Katsuhiko Kokubu)


  80 page A4 version, 3000 issue, both in English and Japanese
(Japanese version was published in July 2010)

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