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Executive Officers

Duties of the Company's Top Management (As of April 1, 2024)

Management Position Name Responsibility
President & CEO Hidenori Ozaki
Chief Human Resource Officer Hidehiko Watanabe Human Resources
Executive Vice President and Chief Technical Officer Ted Schafer Research & Development
Executive Vice President Scott Carpenter Plant Management
Executive Vice President Yoshiyuki Murata Production Engineering / Safety
Executive Vice President and Chief Carbon Neutral Officer Doug Shields Administration
Executive Vice President Masako Furuta Research & Development
Senior Vice President Isao Kanazawa Plant Management
Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer Masaaki Watanabe Corporate Planning
Senior Vice President, Chief Information Officer and General Counsel Julie Karkosak Corporate Management
Vice President Steve Binkowski Sales
Vice President Ryan Hunt Production Control
Vice President Rich Norris Corporate Planning
Vice President Ken Peabody Purchasing
Vice President Tom Kempf Research & Development
Vice President Brian Malinao Operation Management Development Division / Manufacturing Skills Development Division
Vice President Travis Johnson Quality
Officer Andrew Martin Officer