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At Toyota Boshoku America (TBA group), we take pride in being a company driven by quality and kaizen (continuous improvement). Throughout our locations in the U.S., Canada, Mexico, and South America, the same principles that founder Sakichi Toyoda employed in 1918 when he founded Toyoda Boshoku Corporation in Japan are what we abide by today. Our history and heritage for over 90 years reflects the contributions of our team members and our dedication to quality and excellence. Each individual employee of TBA group companies is guided by the TB Way. The TB Way reminds us of our responsibility to society, and gives us guidance on how to act with dignity and maintain a global outlook. This guidance allows us to understand our customers' expectations and work to satisfy both local and global customers, one product at a time.

From research and development at our Technical Center in Novi, Michigan, to production at our plants across North and South America, our team of talented employees works hard to create automotive interiors that are innovative, exciting, affordable, and environmentally friendly. Whether compact or luxury, our goal is to provide ultimate comfort and ease of use in every category of vehicle. To put it simply, we have great people making great products.