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News Release 2011

Toyota Boshoku Publishes Toyota Boshoku Report 2011

Toyota Boshoku Corporation (Headquarters: Kariya, Aichi Pref., President: Shuhei Toyoda) has recently published the “Toyota Boshoku Report 2011 (English version)” that introduces various activities carried out by the Toyota Boshoku group in fiscal year 2010. The activities introduced are important for global business expansion, such as “Monozukuri” spirit to manufacture high-quality products, human resources development, corporate social responsibility activity, and environmental management.

1.Features of Toyota Boshoku Report 2011

1) Top Interview

  1. Influence of the Great East Japan Earthquake
    Will towards recovery, “Uniting our numerous strength and building strong bonds”.
  2. Global Monozukuri strategy utilizing teamwork of Toyota Boshoku group
  3. Vision to make major strides to become a top global company

2) Focus

  1. Efforts towards development of Next-Generation Vehicles: Introduces Toyota Boshoku’s new technologies that provide total support to the development of next-generation vehicles from the unique perspective of interior space. A seminar was held for university students.
  2. Efforts to pass on techniques and skills globally: Introduces Toyota Boshoku’s effort to pass on techniques on a global scale, in an aim to train technical skills and develop personnel that enables manufacturing of high quality in each region of the world.

3) Global Topics:

Introduces fiscal year 2010 topics, medium-to-long-term strategies and goals of Toyota Boshoku group’s each regional management in “North, Central & South America”, “Asia & Oceania”, “China”, “Europe & Africa” and “Japan”.

4) Social Activities

5) Environmental Activities:

Introduces “Y2015 Environmental Action Plan” that Toyota Boshoku has newly formulated in an aim to be a pioneering environmental company worldwide, putting efforts to build technology, products and production process that contribute to environment.

6) Facts and Figures

7) Third-Party Comment on “Toyota Boshoku Report 2011”: Comment from Professor at Kobe University Katsuhiko Kokubu


1) 84 page A4 version, 4,000 issue, both in English and Japanese

2) Downloadable from website:

Toyota Boshoku will continuously contribute to society through “Monozukuri”, putting efforts towards society and environment, and make proper disclosure to all stakeholders.