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Toyota Boshoku Publishes the Toyota Boshoku Report 2018

Kariya (JAPAN) October 31, 2018 – Toyota Boshoku Corporation (Tokyo: 3116, President: Takeshi Numa) has published the “Toyota Boshoku Report 2018”. This report introduces various activities carried out by the Toyota Boshoku group in fiscal year 2017, and highlights its business, governance, environmental and corporate social responsibility (CSR) activities.

1. Features of the Toyota Boshoku Report 2018

1) Value Creation Process

  Toyota Boshoku group pursues sustainable growth by way of a value creation process, based on “HITOZUKURI (Human Resources Development)”, “MONOZUKURI (Manufacturing)” and “R&D” that are positioned as the cornerstone of our business.

2) Top Dialogue

  Toyota Boshoku welcomes Ms. Keiko Katsu, who is active at the front lines of mass media, for an interview with Toyota Boshoku President Takeshi Numa. He explains the way of management needed for driving solid growth as well as the initiatives aimed at enhancing Toyota Bosoku’s corporate value amidst this profound transformational period. He also explains the Mid-term Business Plan for Implementation 2020 and the new management framework built with an eye toward 2030.

3) Introduce the ESG initiatives that support our business activities


  Legal sized, 80 page report (3,500 issues)