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Toyota Boshoku Publishes the Toyota Boshoku Report 2016

Kariya (JAPAN) September 30, 2016 – Toyota Boshoku Corporation (Tokyo: 3116, President: Yoshimasa Ishii) has published the “Toyota Boshoku Report 2016”.  This report introduces various activities carried out by the Toyota Boshoku group in fiscal year 2015, and highlights our business, environmental and corporate social responsibility (CSR) activities. 

Toyota Boshoku is strengthening the initiatives of social responsibility and environmental activities more than ever before, and enhanced the contents of these activities in this report. Especially in the environmental activities, it presents our newly formulated “2050 Environmental Vision”, which articulates our targets and the directions we are pursuing from a long term perspective as we strive for sustainable growth. It also introduces our encouragement towards developing environmentally friendly products by reducing weight and saving resources. This year, we also held a dialogue concerning the style of management for the future and the importance of CSR activities and received input from an outside management representative.

1. Features of the Toyota Boshoku Report 2016

1) Top Dialogue

  Toyota Boshoku President Ishii welcomed Ms. Sakie Akiyama, CEO & Founder of Saki Corporation, for a dialogue on the ideal type of management for achieving sustainable growth and on various CSR initiatives.

2) Special Features

  (1)  “2050 Environmental Vision” and “2020 Environmental Action Plan”
    Introducing Toyota Boshoku’s 2050 Environmental Vision, which establishes six goals including the challenge of achieving zero CO2 emissions in business activities, and 2020 Environmental Action Plan, a plan of action aimed at realizing the vision.
  (2) Toyota Boshoku’s Evolving Environmental Technology
    Toyota Boshoku is promoting the development of environmentally friendly products by reducing weight of components and saving resources. This section introduces our environmental technology by featuring the development of the new seat frames, along with our various environmentally friendly products. 
  (3)  Design and Development of the Movie Theater Seats
    For the first time, Toyota Boshoku took charge of all aspects of design and development of the premium movie theater seat, from styling and material selection to the finished product. This section highlights the features of the premium seat. 

2. Format

  Legal sized, 66 page report, 4,000 issues published