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Toyota Boshoku Publishes the Toyota Boshoku Report 2015

Kariya (JAPAN) September 29, 2015 – Toyota Boshoku Corporation (Tokyo: 3116, President: Yoshimasa Ishii) has published the “Toyota Boshoku Report 2015”. This report introduces various activities carried out by the Toyota Boshoku group in fiscal year 2014, and highlights our business, environmental and corporate social responsibility activities.

Toyota Boshoku has commenced a new structure in June 2015. In this report the new chairman and president introduces past initiatives and the next steps for the Toyota Boshoku group aimed at realising the Toyota Boshoku group’s Aspiration for 2020 as elucidated in our 2020 Vision. The special features section highlights our challenges toward new fields and our member’s success stories undertaken based on “Quantum Leap” spirits.

1. Features of the Toyota Boshoku Report 2015

1) Dialogue between Chairman and President

The new chairman and president introduce their initiatives and tasks to realise the Toyota Boshoku group’s Aspiration for 2020 and to attain sustainable growth in the future.

2) Special Features

(1)Various Toyota Boshoku parts built into the MIRAI fuel cell vehicle

(2)Success stories of advancement made with passion and tenacity

(3)Challenging the development of aircraft seats

3) Social Activities

4) Environmental Activities

5) Facts and Figures

6) Third-Party Comment on the “Toyota Boshoku Report 2015”   

Comments from professor Katsuhiko Kokubu of Kobe University

2. Format

Legal sized, 64 page report, 4,000 issues published


Toyota Boshoku considers this report to be an important tool to gain trust from all stakeholders, and will continuously focus on furthering society’s understanding of Toyota Boshoku through annual publications.